Hilaree Nelson cause of death revealed as ski mountaineer’s funeral takes place in Kathmandu

Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson dies at the age of 49; reason and more explored. (Image via NORTH FACE)
Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson dies at the age of 49; reason and more explored. (Image via NORTH FACE)

Hilaree Nelson, who had carved a name for herself as a pioneering climber and skiing aficionado, is no more. The world is mourning the loss of the legend as she passed away at the age of 49. The American ski mountaineer was found dead on Mt. Manaslu, Nepal, soon after she went missing.

Her husband Jim Morrison, who is also a mountaineer, confirmed the news by sharing that Nelson had fallen into a crevasse while skiing down the peak. At the same time, Hilaree was hit by an avalanche. Her body was later brought to Teaching Hospital in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu.

Hilaree Nelson cremated in a Buddhist ceremony

The American ski mountaineer, who was the first woman to climb Mount Everest within 24 hours, lost her life last week while skiing down from Manaslu, which is 8,163 metres above sea level. Hilaree Nelson was also the first to ski down Lhotse with her partner, Jim Morrison.

As the legendary mountaineer passed away, other climbers and adventure athletes mourned the loss of the great soul. Maria Granberg, a Swedish climber, also attended the funeral and said:

"She led expeditions reaching out a hand to the younger generation to follow, showing the ropes, and our future selves got the memo of how to show up as an athlete and human being. In the most human way, she paved the way and shed a light on everything that we as female athletes aspire to become by creating a life and career coloured by grace, grit and wild aspirations."

Calling Hilaree Nelson strong and driven, Melissa Arnot Reid, another climber from America, talked about Nelson and said:

"As a female in this industry, it's so difficult to be vulnerable without seeming weak, but she did that perfectly and in doing so, showed me what was possible. Her mountain skills and fitness and drive were incredible, but I'm certain she will mostly be remembered for remaining exceptionally human while doing superhuman things."

Along with fellow mountaineers and climbers, the netizens also extended their condolences for the departed soul. One netizen tweeted, saying:

“Awful to see Hilaree Nelson's death has been confirmed. She's left an incredible legacy - I will always be endlessly inspired that a woman in her late 40s with two kids was still able to perform at her level. So grateful for what her life has made seem possible and achievable."

After her death was confirmed, Hilaree Nelson's body was taken to the Sherpa cremation grounds in Kathmandu in an open truck. The truck was decorated with her poster and had some garlands of flowers.

The funeral grounds were filled with friends, family, mountaineers, and other mourners. The cremation was carried out as a Buddhist ceremony as the monks lit the pyre and chanted prayers for the departed soul.

Hilaree Nelson was a mountaineer who climbed many peaks all over the world. She was also named one of Men’s Journal’s Top 25 Most Adventurous Women in the Last 25 Years and National Geographic’s ‘Adventurers of the Year' in 2018.

Hilaree Nelson was just three years old when she started skiing. The mountaineer was a loving and committed mother of two young children.

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