"Single mom": Addison Rae's mother Sheri Easterling changes relationship status on Instagram bio following Monty Lopez affair rumours 

Addison Rae has a close relationship with her mother (Image via @sherinicole/Instagram)
Addison Rae has a close relationship with her mother (Image via @sherinicole/Instagram)

Addison Rae's mother, Sheri Easterling, updated her Instagram bio to say "single mom" after news of her husband Monty Lopez started to surface on social media.

The change in the profile bio came after the 42-year-old posted a message about starting afresh on her Twitter account.

Sheri Easterling added "single mom" in her bio (Image via @sherinicole/Instagram)
Sheri Easterling added "single mom" in her bio (Image via @sherinicole/Instagram)

Monty Lopez is accused of misleading 25-year-old influencer Renee Ash into an affair, on the pretext of a "meaningful" relationship and a potential future. He was also recorded talking to a woman much younger than himself at the club.

Easterling is currently focusing on the well-being of Addison Rae and her other children

The mom-of-three did not make any public comment about everything that was being said and revealed about her husband. However, she did post an Instagram story announcing that her children and their mental health were her priority during this "challenging and overwhelming" time.

The story said:

“Personal matters being brought public are always challenging and overwhelming for anyone involved, my biggest concern is - and always will be my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to protect them.”

She added that her goal was to make sure that Rae and her siblings felt "secure and safe and know that everything will be okay."

Addison Rae, 21, has two younger brothers, 14-year-old Enzo and an 8-year-old Lucas.

Easterling posted many other vague tweets to address the situation. The content creator wrote a tweet that said:

That old version of you. Isn’t for you. New story. New version!

She made another tweet which is rumored to be addressing a picture of Lopez and Ash. In the picture, Rae's father is said to be wearing a t-shirt with a quote that reads: "You hurt the ones you love bc of your pain."

Allegedly, regarding this, Easterling tweeted:

You don’t “hurt the ones you love bc of your pain” you go heal yourself so that you don’t “hurt the ones you love bc of your pain”

Before this tweet, Addison Rae's mother had said on Twitter that she deserves "happiness, peace, joy, hope, love, patience, kindness."

Renee Ash accused Addison Rae’s dad of misleading her into a relationship

News of Lopez and Ash's relationship surfaced online after a TikTok video showing Lopez talking to a woman went viral on social media. In the clip, the woman can be heard saying,

"Addison Rae's dad is trying to f**k me right now, I swear to god!"

Following the surfacing of the video, Renée Ash, who is an influencer, posted pictures of her and Lopez on her Instagram stories. These stories read, "5 months wasted."

The 25-year-old later sat down with Page Six to share that Lopez had told her that his marriage to Rae's mom was "over when it wasn’t." She added that Lopez had promised her that they would be together and "have babies" as well.

The influencer said:

"He even introduced me to his mom and his youngest brother and I thought we had something real. He told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were apart and in the process of getting a divorce.”

Ash revealed that though they had a troublesome relationship, the TikTok videos were the last straw for her. It is also worth noting that the couple came close to separating in June after an alleged pregnancy scare.

A person close to both Renée and Lopez told media houses that the former felt like she had no support from the latter. The reason behind this was that Lopez had allegedly texted Ash "Your not pregnant" in response to her pregnancy scare.

The couple were in a five-month relationship before breaking up recently.

Lopez and Easterling are rumored to have separated a year ago


A source close to Addison Rae's parents had said earlier that the couple had separated nearly a year ago.

The source claimed:

"They've been separated for a year, Sheri and the boys have been living in Louisiana."

Although Lopez and Easterling divorced when Rae was young, they remarried in 2017.

Addison spoke about her parents' tumultuous relationship on a 2020 episode of That Was Fun? She said that her dad was absent for a few years during her childhood, which meant Easterling was a single mom to Rae from 3 to 6 years of age.

The Tiktoker also clarified that the absence was due to a mutual decision between both her parents.

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