Fact Check: Is Addison Rae auditioning for Stranger Things? Viral claim sends fans into a frenzy 

Addison Rae starring in Stranger Things rumor debunked (Image via addisonraee/Instagram)
Addison Rae starring in Stranger Things rumor debunked (Image via addisonraee/Instagram)

Stranger Things fans are worried that TikTok sensation Addison Rae will be joining the cult-favorite show. The series has gained a massive audience worldwide, with many ardent fans wanting talented actors.

A tweet that was uploaded last year claiming that the He’s All That actress will be a part of the fourth season of the show has gone viral online. However, the rumors are untrue. Addison Rae will not be joining the cast of Stranger Things.

Netizens believed that the actress would appear on the latest season of the show, as it was revealed last year that she had signed a multi-film deal with the streaming giant. Following the release of Netflix’s He’s All That and the film gaining several views, Rae acquired a multi-project deal from the platform.


Although her acting skills remain a topic of debate, Netflix has assured its audience that Addison Rae will be appearing in a Netflix production again. Speaking about the partnership, in 2021 Rae said:

“Getting the opportunity to work with Netflix was such a pinch-me moment, and now, to be able to continue the relationship is beyond my wildest dreams. I’m thrilled to be able to collaborate with this incredible team and am excited to develop projects while continuing to strengthen my skills as an actress.”

Rumors of her appearance on the Duffer Brothers-created show stemmed from a tweet uploaded by Twitter user @harrngiton. The tweet reposted another tweet from @DisussingGilm said that Rae had signed a multi-film contract with Netflix.

This was the reposted the tweet by @harrngiton:

omg addison rae in stranger things 4 😍…

The tweet had amassed 531 likes at the time of writing this article.

Addison Rae has not been cast in Stranger Things

Netflix’s Stranger Things has not announced that Addison Rae will be joining the fourth season’s cast. According to Fansided, the last time the show confirmed its cast members, they only included Regina Ting Chen, Myles Truitt, Amybeth McNulty and Grace Van Dien joining the original cast members.

The announcement was reportedly made in 2021.

Rumors on Twitter also claimed that Rae will be auditioning for the fourth season of the show. However, the TikToker auditioning for the show remains unlikely as season four of the series is airing on Netflix presently. Production for the season would have already been completed.

A few tweets where netizens pleaded for Stranger Things not to cast the TikTok sensation read:

Addison rae is auditioning for stranger things 💀 hell no
Me if The Duffer brothers accept Addison for Stranger Things:
Why am I seeing everyone say Addison Rae us auditioning for stranger things?

Some fans of the show also said that if Rae were to join the cast, she would "ruin the whole show" for them. One fan even jokingly stated that if the TikTok sensation made her way on to the show, its makers would be hearing from their lawyers.

hi @Stranger_Things @strangerwriters um. idk if it’s true but if addison rae is auditioning for stranger things PLEASE SAY NO. please. she’ll ruin it. no hate tho!!
just so you know @Stranger_Things if you add addison rae you will be hearing from my lawyers #strangerthingsseason4
Me omw to shoot the duffer brothers if they accept Addison Rae into stranger things🤭🤭
Let me get this straight- Addison Rae is auditioning for stranger things 💀💀
@RICHIESJUPITER Plz no gone ruin the show 🥲

What is Addison Rae up to currently?

Although the TikTok sensation is making her way into Hollywood, her personal life has been making headlines. Recently, two TikTok videos of her father allegedly cheating on her mother Sheri Easterling went viral on the video sharing platform.

Since then, another 25-year-old influencer Renée Ash came forward admitting that she had an affair with Rae’s 46-year-old father Monty Lopez. She claimed that Lopez promised her that they would start a family of their own.

The two also traveled together without anyone’s knowledge. However, in her exclusive interview with Page Six, Ash revealed that “most of Los Angeles already knew about them.”

Meanwhile, Rae’s mother Sheri Easterling removed the title of “wife” from her Instagram bio. She also shared that she “will be okay” and that her children will always be her priority.

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