"People are very associative of me": Addison Rae claps back after her debut film "He's All That" is labeled the "worst movie ever"

Addison Rae acknowledged and responded to critical reviews of "He's All That" (Image via Addison Raee/Instagram)
Addison Rae acknowledged and responded to critical reviews of "He's All That" (Image via Addison Raee/Instagram)

Addison Rae discussed her latest film, He's All That, with co-star Taylor Buchanan in an actor-to-actor interview on Spotify's Parcast. The Netflix remake of the original She's All That premiered on August 25.

The film stars Addison Rae as the popular girl who has to give the unpopular boy, Taylor Buchanan, a makeover for the sake of a bet. The film's rehash of the original is still slated as a romantic comedy, but critics did not receive the overall story well.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, He's All That has received an overall audience score of twenty-five percent and an overall critical score of 33 percent.

One critic from Rotten Tomatoes claimed the film was "disappointing, both as a reimagining of She's All That and as a film in its own right."

Another critic stated:

"It didn't really hit the mark."

Most reviews have been mixed, with some viewers finding the film to be of redeemable quality. Others have called the entire experience "awful" and "the worst film ever made."

Many users have also been calling out Netflix for its blatant product placement in the film. However, Addison Rae combated these reviews with explanations.

Addison Rae responds to negative critic reviews

The TikTok star, along with co-star Buchanan, talked about the film at length on That Was Fun? With Addison & Sheri video interview.

In her explanation for the critical reviews, Addison stated she wanted fans and viewers to create their own opinions after watching the film.

"I feel like that was something people struggled with getting about me starting in the movie world. People are very associative of me and who I am, so it almost takes a little bit more to convince someone that I'm a character, you know?"

Rae's co-star agreed, stating she was playing a character, before she continued.

"I'm excited for people to watch He's All That and actually form an opinion on it based on their own experience with it. Instead of like, 'Oh, whatever, we think that this is how it's gonna be, so I'm not watching it, 'cause I've heard it's...' You know what I mean?"

He's All That is Addison Rae's debut in acting after previously releasing an EP. She is best known for her dancing clips on TikTok.

Rae recently responded to a critical backlash over the film after an extra on the set called out her alleged "bad acting."

The film also received negative comments following the release of its promotional movie poster and the initial trailer.