Who is Renee Ash? Addison Rae's mom issues statement amid Monty Lopez's cheating scandal 

Influencer exposes Monty Lopez for cheating on Sheri Easterling with her (Image via renee.ash, sherinicole, montylopez/Instagram)
Influencer exposes Monty Lopez for cheating on Sheri Easterling with her (Image via renee.ash, sherinicole, montylopez/Instagram)

Addison Rae’s parents Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez continue to make headlines after the celebrity father was accused of cheating on his wife.

To make matters worse, in an exclusive interview with Page Six, influencer Renée Ash came forward to share details of her alleged affair with Monty Lopez.

At the same time, Easterling took to her Instagram story, issuing a statement about the recent family scandal. In her Instagram story, Easterling said that she will be okay and that in the current situation, her children are her biggest concern.

Meanwhile, Renée Ash has alleged that she had a five-month long relationship with Monty Lopez. She also said that during this time, they had traveled to France and were supposed to travel to Ibiza and also build a family together.

In the interview, 25-year-old Ash said that she was led to believe that she had a meaningful relationship with Monty Lopez. However, things took a turn for the worse after a pregnancy scare and Lopez cheating on her.

Who is Renée Ash, the woman Monty Lopez allegedly had an affair with?

An influencer, Renée Ash has 45.6k followers on her thriving Instagram profile. In the same profile's bio, Ash wrote "Never a Dull Moment" and called her profile her "personal blog."

Although she has a massive following, her Instagram profile only has 77 posts and most of these include her vacation captures. She does have a number of Instagram story highlights, which include - Lifestyle, Vegas, Chicago, France, Napa and Coachella among others.

In the explosive Page Six article, it was revealed that “most of Los Angeles already knew about them,” in reference to her affair with Lopez. The influencer revealed that she feels gutted about having an affair with Monty Lopez.

She said:

“I am so sorry if anything I have said has hurt his family any more than he already has. And I am also sorry that he has hurt me so deeply that I believed we were in love.”

She also revealed that their affair had been “going on in LA for too long” and that she wanted to be the person who is “brave enough to tell the truth.”

Monty Lopez's ex-girlfriend continued to say:

“Addison and Sheri don’t deserve this and neither do the other girls he’s disrespected. I hope telling my story sheds light on a man who has gotten away with their power in the industry for too long.”

Sheri Easterling responds to family’s dirty laundry being aired in public

As Renée Ash shared her experience with Lopez, Addison Rae’s mother Sheri Easterling took to her Instagram story to say that she “will be okay.”

She wrote:

“My biggest concern is- and always will be- my children and their fragile hearts and minds. I will always do my best to protect them.”

A few weeks ago, the 42-year-old TikTok mother unfollowed Monty Lopez on Instagram and also removed the word "Wife" from her Instagram bio. However, Lopez's Instagram bio still reads "Husband to @sherinicole."

What happened between Ash and Lopez?

Renée Ash shared that she broke it off with the 46-year-old after two TikTok videos of Lopez allegedly cheating with other young women went viral on social media.

The former real estate agent and TikTok star was accused of FaceTiming a girl who was believed to be in her 20s. He was also caught red-handed caressing another woman’s backside in a nightclub.

However, prior to their affair turning sour, Renée Ash believed that they would eventually make their relationship public. She revealed to Page Six:

“He told me that we were going to be together and have babies together. He even introduced me to his mom, his youngest brother and I thought we had something real. He told me a story of his marriage that convinced me that they were apart and in the process of getting a divorce.”

The influencer was allegedly told by Monty Lopez that he had a “weird relationship” with Sheri Easterling. In 2020, Addison Rae also revealed in an interview that her parents frequently split during her childhood due to marital differences.

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