‘Confession’ cast list: Stephen Moyer, Colm Meaney and others star in Thriller film

"Confession" premiers on January 25 (Image via Sportskeeda)
"Confession" premiers on January 25 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Confession, an Uncork’d Entertainment action-thriller, makes its return to movie theaters on January 21. The film also follows an On-Demand release later on January 25, after its market premiere at EFM last December.

Written and directed by David Beton, the film marks the return of the star-studded ensemble including Stephen Moyer and Colm Meaney. The story takes place in a church in Boston over an evening, and revolves around a wounded man, who takes a priest hostage in order to atone for a crime before it's too late.


As per Keith Leopard, President of Uncork’d Entertainment:

"Confession is a very suspenseful, thrilling ride with terrific performances from two always-dependable performers, Moyer and Meany," and continued, "It’s an incredible film to kick off our exciting 2022 slate."

'Confession' Cast List

Stephen Moyer is Victor Strong

Stephen Moyer, an English film and television actor and director, is best known for playing the role of vampire Bill Compton in the HBO drama series True Blood. He also starred as Reed Strucker in the Fox series The Gifted and as Vern Lang on the CBC series Fortunate Son.

In this crime thriller, Moyer played the role of the wounded man Victor Strong, whose last wish was to confess to an insurmountable crime before his dying breath.

Colm Meaney is Father Peter

Colm J. Meaney is a renowned Irish actor who is known for starring in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Miles O'Brien. He has appeared as Thomas Durant on Hell on Wheels and has guest-starred on many TV shows, including Law & Order and The Simpsons.

In Confession, Meaney plays the role of Father Peter, the priest of a Boston church, who is held at gunpoint in order to beget the truth from a criminal, and rid him from his sins.

Clare - Hope Ashitey is Willow

Clare-Hope Ashitey is an English actress who has worked on the renowned film Children of Men. She also starred in Seven Seconds, a Netflix original criminal drama series, in 2018.

Joining the two leading men in this crime thriller, Ashitey plays the role of an ambiguous cop named Willow, who has her own reasons for hunting Victor down.

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