How did Building Roots couple Ben and Cristo Dozier transform an A-frame loft into family home?

Ben and Cristi Dozier (Image via rootdesignco/Instagram)
Ben and Cristi Dozier (Image via rootdesignco/Instagram)
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Tonight's episode of Building Roots was nothing short of magical. Ben and Cristi Dozier pulled off the impossible by converting an old home into an A-frame loft house for six people.

The home originally only had a single bedroom and one loft upstairs. The Building Roots couple had a unique challenge that required them to add space to a home that was already tiny. However, they were able to come up with a novel solution and did not exceed their budget of $75,000.

The Building Roots couple, Ben and Cristi Dozier, help people in their community by renovating old homes. Ben designs and builds the homes, and Cristi decorates them.

How did Building Roots duo Ben and Cristi Dozier make a family home out of a one-bedroom loft?

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Tonight's episode of Building Roots, titled Inspirational A-Frame, featured Ben and Cristi making space for six family members in an A-frame loft house.

They helped the young couple, Tim and Amy, renovate their small house that had narrow corridors and jagged carpeting. While the house originally only had one bedroom and one loft, the couple asked them to add more rooms for their four children.

The bathroom originally had a washing area and utility space, which the couple asked them to remove. The couple also requested a bathtub on the patio. The two set a budget of $75,000 for the entire project and offered their help as Tim had experience in construction.

There were some plumbing issues at first, but after sorting them out, Cristi wondered how to make room in an area with very little space. They were able to create space by constructing a wall in the middle of the loft area, dividing the space into two bedrooms. They also added another loft to the top of the existing space, with a ladder-style staircase in the middle. The extra space would function as a room and a play area.

They also added a mural near the fireplace and added green tiles to the bathroom. Ben added an extra patio area to make the house appear bigger and to create a space for Tim and Amy to admire the Pargo Lake. The kitchen was painted leathery green.

Later on, the couple transformed another family's storage space.

New episodes of Building Roots air every Sunday on HGTV at 9.00 pm ET. Fans can also watch the new episodes on HGTV GO.

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