5 HGTV and TLC shows slated for May 2022 release

Great shows coming your way this month (Image via HGTV/plathville_family/Instagram)
Great shows coming your way this month (Image via HGTV/plathville_family/Instagram)
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Popular networks HGTV and TLC, known for exciting home renovation series and popular reality TV concepts, respectively, are coming back with more interesting shows under their belt this May 2022. Numerous shows on both television networks have been deemed highly well-known by viewers, some of whom have become fan favorites.

The shows on HGTV released this May are: Lil Jon Wants to Do What? and Buy It or Build It. Following in the footsteps of famous home renovation shows, these come with interesting concepts and popular hosts.

The shows slated for May 2022 release on TLC are: Save My Skin, Little People, Big World, and Welcome to Plathville. From analyzing medical conditions and exploring the lives of people who share different passions but are bound together as a family, these shows will walk into the shoes of previously similar shows that have been massively popular amongst viewers.

HGTV shows to be released in May 2022

Check out the two interesting shows that are slated for release this month.

1) Lil Jon Wants to Do What?

Grammy award-winning producer, rapper, and DJ is coming to HGTV with his new home renovation series Lil Jon Wants To Do What? Also known as the "king of crunk," Lil John will work alongside expert designer and builder Anitra Mecadon to "channel his clients' design wild side while executing unconventional renovations they could never have dreamed up on their own."

The duo will meet with homeowners in Atlanta and breathe life into their homes by trying new renovation ideas and unique concepts ideated by the musician himself. The show is slated to release on Tuesday, May 2, 2022, at 10.00 pm ET on HGTV.

Lil John's passion for the home renovation began when his house in Atlanta got flooded. Unfortunately, the entire house had to be redone. Still, this period came as the perfect opportunity for the musician to explore his skills in home renovation and ignite his passion for starting his show based on the same.

Speaking about the show, he said to HGTV:

“I’m excited for fans to see a totally different side to me. I’ve always been passionate about design, so this show was a no-brainer. I get to bring my unique aesthetic and vision to all sorts of different families’ homes … let’s go!”

From the VIP sections of Dubai to the nightclubs of Miami, Lil John will bring designs for the renovation inspired by his travels. He prefers to think outside of the box and will not follow the mainstream trends that clog the pages of home design magazines.

2) Buy It or Build It

HGTV announced the home-renovation series Buy It or Build It, premiere on Wednesday, May 18, at 9.00 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.

The television network's newest home renovation series stars Dallas-based twin brothers and contractors Chris and Calvin LaMont, who will help their clients decide whether to renovate their existing home by making interesting modifications or build a new one that is completely customized to their needs.

The duo arrived in Dallas, Texas, ten years ago with a passion for building and design, and today "they create stunning one-of-a-kind homes." Based on each client's budget and choices, Chris will find properties with potential and share how he can give the home a new look with their existing budget. While Calvin will share sketches of a newly built home with the clients at the same price point.

"Once their clients decide to buy or build, the siblings and business partners deliver the perfect dream home for each family."

TLC shows to be released in May 2022

Check out the famous TLC shows to be released this month.

1) Save my Skin

From the network that brought its viewers Dr. Pimple Popper and My Feet Are Killing Me comes Save my Skin, the newest medical transformation series. Dr. Emma Craythorne, a dermatologist in the United Kingdom, has tackled extreme skin issues bothering her patients for quite some time.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"Dermatologist Dr. Emma Craythorne diagnoses and treats patients from around the United Kingdom who have extreme skin conditions."

According to TLC, Dr. Emma Craythorne is one of England's top dermatologists, and the new series will follow her journey of diagnosing and treating patients with issues in their skin.

Howard Lee, President, and GM of TLC said in a statement:

"At TLC, audiences absolutely love our unmatched stories of transformation, where we showcase some of the best doctors in their fields improving lives, inside and out."

He continued:

"Dr. Emma brings incredible humility, heart and humor to each of her cases and most importantly, gives patients their confidence back. I'm so excited for her to join our growing roster of amazing doctors on TLC."

2) Little People, Big World

TLC's famous series Little People, Big World will be back with its 23rd season on Tuesday, May 17, at 9.00 p.m. ET. The series will continue to focus on the unique family of dwarves, the Roloff family, and their ups and downs while navigating life and bringing up their four children, which includes a mixture of small and average size-siblings.

The official bio of the show reads:

"The Roloffs share their lives as they face the pressure of being little in an average-sized world. They are determined to succeed in a world that isn't always accepting of differences."

The show has one billion hours of total viewing to date since its debut in 2006. This reality series is produced by Bright Spot Content and All3Media America in association with Gay Rosenthal Productions.

3) Welcome to Plathville

The famous TLC show Welcome to Plathville, produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions are back with its fourth season, which premieres on Tuesday, May 17, at 10.00 p.m. ET. This installment will have 12 episodes that will document the journey of the Plath family as they visit new cities and explore more about life, love, and relationships.

The official synopsis of the show reads:

"The Plaths are a blonde, blue-eyed family of 11 in southeastern Georgia. They share a passion for music, religion, family life and traditional roles."

Although Kim and Barry raised their nine kids on an idyllic and secluded farm in southern Georgia, separate from social media culture, this season will bring a lot of differences for viewers. Ethan, Olivia, and Moriah are in Tampa trying to make it in the new city while the couple's marriage is on the rocks, and Micah is in Los Angeles finding his purpose,

With so much content to binge on, fans eagerly await the release of their favorite series and look forward to newer shows like a breath of fresh air.

Ensure to tune in as per the allocated timings on HGTV and TLC.

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