How did Conrad Roy III die? CBS 48 hours to explore Michelle Carter text-suicide case

CBS 48 hours is all set to explore Conrad Roy III-Michelle Carter text-suicide case (Image Via CBS News/Google)
CBS 48 hours is all set to explore Conrad Roy III-Michelle Carter text-suicide case (Image Via CBS News/Google)

48 hours, the much-watched true-crime documentary show is all set to explore and chronicle the devastating text-suicide case of Conrad Roy III-Michelle Carter.

Conrad Roy III was an American teenager from Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, who committed suicide at 18 on July 13, 2014. Conrad was reportedly clinically depressed for years.

Let's dive deep and find out all about the Conrad Roy III text-suicide case as CBS 48 Hours is all set to explore it.

Know all about the heartbreaking death of Conrad Roy III as CBS 48 hours is all set to explore the text-suicide case

Who was Conrad Roy III, and what happened to him?


Conrad had reportedly consulted many mental health professionals and was under psychiatric medication.

Conrad Roy met his long-distance girlfriend Michelle Carter in 2012 in Florida. They were visiting their relatives there at the time.

They used to live only around 35 miles away, but reportedly, they only had met face-to-face a couple of times. According to the reports, most of their conversations were via texting and emailing, and it continued for almost two years.

On July 13, 2014, a Sunday, Conrad Roy III took his own life by poisoning himself with carbon monoxide fumes. The suicide took place in Conrad's pick-up truck in a parking lot of Kmart in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

According to reports, his long-distance girlfriend Michelle Carter encouraged Conrad to end his life for quite some time. She reportedly sent more than 1000 texts a week before Conrad's suicide.

Whenever Conrad felt weak about committing suicide and became hesitant, Carter allegedly pushed him to do it. She even made him feel like a liar for not committing to it. She kept on going to him till the very end.

In one of the texts, Conrad reportedly said to Carter:

"like why am I so hesitant 2 weeks ago I was willing to try everything. and now I'm worse really bad and I'm lol not Falling through. it's eating me inside." (Via Women'sHealth)

To this, Carter reportedly replied, texting:

"You're so hesistant because you keep overthinking it and pushing it off. You just need to do it Conrad. The more you push it off, the more it will eat at you....You're ready and prepared. All you have to do is turn the generator on and you bee free and happy. No more pushing it off, no more waiting" (Via Women'sHealth)

Reportedly, a final phone call between Carter and Conrad revealed that Conrad came out of his truck as he was afraid, but Carter encouraged him to go back inside his truck, which was full of carbon monoxide.

The episode titled Death by Text arrives on CBS on Saturday, May 28, 2022, at 10.00 pm ET. The episode will also be streamed on Paramount +.

The official synopsis of the episode Death By Text, along with a sneak peek released by CBS 48 Hours, writes:

"Inside the groundbreaking case of a crime of the digital age — a young woman convicted of involuntary manslaughter because she used text messages to encourage a friend to take his own life. "48 Hours"' Erin Moriarty reports."

Since the sneak peeks of the episode were released by CBS 48 Hours on May 25, 2022, fans of the true-crime show have been highly intrigued to witness how the tragic and jaw-dropping text-suicide case unfolds.

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