How to play Heardle Decades? Online game lets players guess 80s and 90s tracks

Heardle Decades, a viral music guessing game (via
Heardle Decades, a viral music guessing game (image via

Heardle Decades, a spin-off of the viral song-guessing game, is taking the internet by storm. The meteoric rise of Wordle and its offshoots, such as Heardle, has altered how netizens perceive browser-based games.

As per the website, Heardle Decades requires players to guess songs or artists from the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s.

If you’re familiar with the format of Wordle, you might find the game easy to understand. New players are enjoying taking trips down memory lane and immersing themselves in nostalgia-inducing music.

Everything you need to know about playing Heardle Decades

Hey! It's the weekend, that usually means an update or something from me.Pleased to announce that the first iteration of #HeardleHipHop is now live at: hiphop.heardledecades.comWarning! May contain saucy language and themes.#Heardle #HipHop #HipHopHeardle

The new online game features familiar tunes from the 60s through the 90s. From The Rolling Stones to Kate Bush, the game boasts an incredible list of songs and artists. You can also find specific challenges based on the decade, artist, or genre. The online game's "Hip Hop” and “Duran Duran” categories have become favorites among the internet crowd.

Certain songs are not available to players in different countries, and the website mentions that this is probably due to geo-blocking. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) may be able to solve this issue.

The rules for the game are fairly simple

According to the game’s official website, the rules are quite straightforward.

All you have to do is pick a game from the main website page of Heardle Decades, listen to the intro that’s being played, and guess the song. You will need to type in your answer and select the song from the options in the list.

If you’re having trouble trying to guess the song, you can always tap on the skip button to hear more. You have to answer as quickly as you can and in as few tries as possible.

After you succeed in guessing the song, you have the option to share your scores with your friends on social media. The result is then shared in the shape of little coloured boxes, along with a link to the game's website.


However, you need to be cautious while guessing the song. The website mentions:

"If you just typed in the song title, hit submit and got a wrong answer then you’re not playing the game correctly. You must select the song from the list as the game is looking for that specific song title."

Playing the game correctly involves choosing the music from the list that appears as you enter your response.

Missed your streak? There's a solution

If you’ve been busy and missed a day of your streak, it’s possible to regain your momentum, according to the website. You will need to get a little creative as the game itself does not support playing previous rounds. All that’s needed is a little tweak in your device settings. Changing the device's date based on the day you have missed will allow you to make up for it.

Every song in Heardle Decades is selected using data from the top songs in the UK and US charts of the specific decade. If you discover a new song that you like, you can follow the "Heardle 80s Back Catalogue" Spotify playlist.

Players from all over the world have been sharing their scores on social media and geeking out over just how fun the game is. The easy user interface and the catchy, nostalgic tunes make the game appealing to people of all ages.

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