How does Wordle work? All you need to know about the viral Twitter game

Wordle game takes over the internet (Image via Josh Wardle)
Wordle game takes over the internet (Image via Josh Wardle)

“Wordle,” a game similar to Tetris, has taken over the internet. It consists of yellow, green and gray boxes arranged in a grid with six rows and five columns. The daily word game has taken Twitter users by storm. It continues to amass players online.

Wordle was created by a New York-based software engineer. Josh Wardle devised the game for his partner Palak Shah, who apparently loves word games. The two played Wordle for months before it went on to become a family favorite.

After receiving immense praise for the game, Wardle went on to share it with the world. Wordle was released to netizens in October. Though there were only 90 players on 1 November 2022, the game amassed over 300,000 patrons by 2 January 2022.


How to play Wordle?

The internet’s new favorite game can only be played once a day. It does not require users to download their own application. Eager ones can play Wordle on the browser. Furthermore, no payment is required to dive into it.

Players must guess a five-letter word aka “wordle” in six tries. The word must fit into the boxes provided. As one continues to try and guess the wordle, the color of the tile changes depending on how close their guess is to the expected word.

howdy howdy howdy 🤠 ⬜️⬜️⬜️🟨 ⬜️ 🟨👇 🟨 🟩👇 🟩 🟨 🟩 🟩 👢 👢I'm the wordle sherrif, 420 6/9

If a tile turns green, that means one has entered the correct letter or word. When one sees a yellow box, it indicates that the letter typed in is spot on but in the incorrect place.

A gray tile indicates that the player has simply entered the wrong letter. As mentioned above, every user gets six chances to guess the correct words. One can also use hints to land on an accurate guess.

Tips for Wordle:1) Start with a word that has two vowels (ideally positioned #2&4 or #3&5).2) If unsuccessful, do exactly the same for guess #2.3) There are around 120 words featuring 3 of the same letter in a five letter word. Mostly “E” then “S”. Be aware.

Those who became fans of the game began sharing their tips on social media. Twitter user @RobJeffries recommended players to start the game with a word having two vowels, preferable in either the second and fourth position or the third and fifth position.

He also mentioned-

"There are around 120 words featuring 3 of the same letter in a five letter word. Mostly “E” and “S.”"

Wordle's success and popularity continues to make waves across the Twittersphere.

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