How rich is Phil Keoghan? 'Tough as Nails' host's net worth explored

'Tough as Nails' Season 3 host Phil Keoghan (Image via Instagram/philiminator)
'Tough as Nails' Season 3 host Phil Keoghan (Image via Instagram/philiminator)

Popular TV presenter Phil Keoghan is returning to CBS’s highly anticipated competition series, Tough as Nails, with a new season. He will be seen hosting the third season at Red Beach in Camp Pendleton, California.

Keoghan created Tough as Nails with his wife Louise in July last year. The TV series has gained popularity since then and the credit goes to the show’s concept. It is a competition series where 12 contestants work hard (physically and mentally) to win a $200,000 cash prize and a Ford Super Duty Truck.

Speaking about the show, the Tough as Nails host said:

“Most of my family [is] working class. So, when I would hear people make derogatory comments about tradespeople or working-class people, it always irked me. This show is really a way to honor hardworking people, who see the calluses on their hands as a badge of honor, and who keep the country running.”

Keoghan’s net worth explored

Keoghan rose to fame as a TV host with the Emmy-award winning series The Amazing Race. He has been hosting the show since 2001 and he is now also the presenter and co-creator of Tough as Nails.

While his Tough as Nails salary is not revealed, he apparently earned $100 thousand per episode as a host of The Amazing Race. Plus, he hosted and created No Opportunity Wasted, for which he won seven Emmy Awards. Keoghan’s hard work makes him worth $16 million.

The renowned TV personality, who has traveled to over 100 countries, is also a philanthropist. In 2017, he was voted into the world's top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.

About Tough as Nails Season 3

In a clip posted on Instagram, the contestants of Tough as Nails have immensely praised Keoghan for being a great host and looking out for them. They called him positive, funny and outgoing.

Watch the video here.

Meanwhile, Tough as Nails Season 3 contestants are Sarah Ham, Jerome Kupuka’a, Lia Mort, Lamar Edwin Hanger, Kalimba Edwards, Christine Connors, Alfredo “Alfie” P. Rivera, Mike Shaffer, Kelsy Reynolds, Elizabeth Rillera Dequincey “Quincey” Walker, and Takeru “Tak” Tanabe.

With Keoghan as a host on Tough as Nails Season 3, fans are eagerly waiting for the show to be released. It premieres Wednesday, October 6, on CBS at 9.00 pm. The latest episodes can also be watched on Paramount Plus.

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