"I was gonna rip his f*****g head off": Jake Paul claims Ben Askren would have left on a stretcher if not for the referee who "saved his life"

Jake Paul continued to throw shade at Ben Askren
Jake Paul continued to throw shade at Ben Askren
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Just days after claiming his third KO victim in former MMA star Ben Askren, Jake Paul aka "The Problem Child" recently appeared on his older brother Logan's Impaulsive podcast, where he was at his boastful best.

In the latest episode of Impaulsive, Jake Paul gloated and bragged that he had more devious intentions in mind for Askren, had the fight been allowed to continue.

He also claimed that the only reason Askren was alive today was due to the better judgment of veteran boxing referee Brian Stutts, who stepped in to end the fight at a critical time.


[Timestamp: 2:05]

"By the way, the ref saved his life . I wasn't even warmed up yet first of all and like when the Ref was gonna say 'go again' I was gonna rip his f*****g head off. I was charged up. He would have really been became a meme and he would have left on a stretcher so everyone who said the fight is rigged, is tweeting from their mom's Wi-fi"

The boastful rant just didn't end there. Throughout the episode, Jake Paul continued to bask in the glory of his KO victory over Ben Askren.

Jake Paul boasts about his KO victory over Ben Askren

The 24-year old YouTuber turned professional boxer has so far raked up an impressive 3-0 record, all via TKO's.

While his first two victories came against a Fifa YouTuber (AnEsonGib) and a former NBA star (Nate Robinson), it was his third bout against established MMA star and Olympian Ben "Funky" Askren that sparked global interest.

With little boxing expertise, Askren is the underdog heading into these fights. Yet he was backed by fans, who sincerely hoped that he would be victorious.

However, just like those before him, he too fell victim to a vicious right-hand that sent him reeling to the canvas, which consequently brought the contest to a painfully short end.

Even whispers of the fight being rigged did little to perturb Jake Paul, who remained unfazed.

During another segment on the latest Impaulsive podcast episode, Paul also scoffed at those who claimed that Ben Askren had successfully landed one punch on him as he defensively remarked:

"It grazed me. It wasn't a hit. And I heard the crowd go 'oooh" and I was like 'B***h are you kidding me?" Literally every single sparring session was like harder than that fight. I'm like 'bruh, this is all you got?' "

He also added further insult to injury by proposing a fight between Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, with his personal vouch going to the former as he believed he possessed a bit more "spunk."

As Jake Paul continues to steamroll competition in the ring, fans continue to ask the million-dollar question: who will be next in line to conquer or perish at the hands of the The Problem Child?

Edited by Gautham Balaji
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