"I kept asking for help and you wouldn’t listen”: Officials reveal Michael Haight's bizarre suicide note penned before murdering his family 

Michael Haight wrote in his suicide letter that his wife Tausha was abusive, (Image via David Jackson/Twitter)
Michael Haight wrote in his suicide letter that his wife Tausha was abusive. (Image via David Jackson/Twitter)

On January 4, a 42-year-old man named Michael Haight died by suicide after fatally shooting his wife, Tausha, five kids, and mother-in-law while he was being investigated for child abuse. Unsettling bodycam footage of the shooting has also been released by local police.

Haight reportedly left a suicide note, in which he claimed that he would rather “rot in hell” than spend another day with his wife. As per the New York Post, he accused his wife of being abusive and wrote:

"I kept asking for help and you wouldn’t listen"

The contents of the note contradicted a report prepared by the investigators looking after the case, who concluded that Haight was abusive. According to a report prepared by the investigating officers, the Utah man was described as a “volatile husband” who had been trying hard to maintain his image in the community.

Michael Haight’s suicide letter contrasts with a report prepared by investigating officers about the January murder-suicide case

On January 4, Haight fatally shot his entire family and then died by suicide. The family included his wife, her mother, and the couple’s five kids. Authorities identified Michael and Tausha’s children as Macie, Briley, Sienna, Ammon, and Gavin; and Michael’s mother-in-law as Gail Early, 78.

Bodycam footage revealed the eerie crime scene when the cops entered the house and found the dead bodies.

An Enoch Police officer recalled the day’s event and said:

“No one answered the door. It didn’t appear that anyone was in the home since no noise could be heard.”

Investigating officers then prepared a 57-page report that portrayed Haight in a certain way. It described him as an abusive and controlling husband, according to ABC News. Investigating officers reportedly spoke to a neighbor who claimed that she woke up that night after hearing noises that sounded like multiple “bangs.” The neighbor assumed it was fireworks and did not think much of it.

While investigating the dynamics of the family in the weeks before the murders, authorities reportedly discovered that Michael Haight had lost his job at Allstate Insurance in Utah.

The case took a turn when police revealed the bizarre details provided in Michael Haight’s suicide letter. The strangest part was that the details were contradictory to the findings of the 57-page report. The letter described Tausha Haight as being abusive. Haight wrote:

“This is nonsense and I can't handle it for one more day. We will not be a burden on society. I kept asking for help and you wouldn't listen.”

He continued:

“I would rather rot in hell than put up with another day of this manipulation and control over me.”

Haight was reportedly accused of child abuse and an investigation was launched against him

The investigators’ report further mentioned that Michael Haight continued to stay in the house, even though his wife was against it, and filed a divorce. Tausha’s mother was allegedly present there as she was concerned for her daughter’s safety. The same was also included in the report.


The Utah Division of Child and Family Services opened an investigation into Michael Haight after he was accused of child abuse. The agency’s summary report stated:

“Unfortunately, this tragic incident occurred prior to further investigation.”

Law enforcement officials are still trying to unearth the details of the murder-suicide. Over 30 family mass killings have taken place across the US over the past two years.

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