What happened at Christiana Mall? Shooting in Delaware shopping center leaves three shot and five injured

A shooting at the Christiana Mall injured at least three people, (Image via Tabs/Twitter)
A shooting at the Christiana Mall injured at least three people. (Image via Tabs/Twitter)

A horrific shootout injured at least three people at Christiana Mall in Delaware on Saturday. The mall is located just outside the city of Wilmington. The same has also been confirmed by the state police. Authorities are trying to gather further details about the shooting.

The three victims were immediately rushed to the hospital. As per Fox News, one of them is in critical condition, while the other two are stable. Five more people sustained injuries due to the shooting, however, it was confirmed that the injuries weren’t gunshot-related.

According to law enforcement officials, the shooting in the Delaware Mall took place as a result of an altercation between several suspects and at least one of the people who got shot. Police are yet to reveal the exact number of suspects involved in the incident.


A shootout took place at a mall in Delaware as a result of an alleged altercation, said police officials

Officers responded to a horrific shooting that took place in Delaware’s Christiana Mall on Saturday at the mall’s food court. Officers arrived at the site at around 6:43 pm local time and discovered three victims with severe injuries. They then transported the individuals to a nearby hospital for further treatment. While two were declared stable, the third victim was in a critical state.

Officials also searched the Christiana Mall thoroughly to unearth any evidence that could lead them to the exact chain of events that transpired that evening. The case is currently under investigation by the Delaware State Police Troop 2 Criminal Investigative Unit. Police have further declared that the incident is not a threat to the public.

According to Delaware State Police Senior Corporal Jason Hatchell:

“[Five other people were also taken to a hospital after they] sustained various injuries not related to gunfire.”

He added that the police haven’t arrested anybody yet, and said that officials are "working to identify the suspects."

The Delaware State Police Senior Corporal further stated that the shooting was not a random one. He continued by saying:

“Investigators believe this is the result of an altercation between several suspects and at least one of the victims.”

Law enforcement officials have claimed that the investigation has just begun, and they are yet to discover if any of the suspects or victims knew each other before the shooting.

Shortly after the shooting took place, law enforcement officials arrived and vacated the mall as they began searching the area. On Saturday, the investigating officers looked for shreds of evidence and checked the surveillance footage for any leads in the case. It was also mentioned that the mall would stay closed on Sunday.

"I felt something graze off my shoulder" - Shoppers present in the mall during the shooting recall the incident

Media outlets spoke to people who were inside the mall during the horrific incident. One of the victims, Jim Harmon, recalled the incident and told Action News:

“We heard like seven or eight shots, ‘Bam! Bam! Bam!’ Everybody started running. I felt something graze off my shoulder. It’s not bad, but it’s ok.”

A woman named Paige Menasion was shopping when the shots were fired. She was told to run and hide. She explained the situation, saying:

“They put us inside the room to wait it out until they found the shooter. I have my daughters with me, and the first thing in my mind is ‘Thank God they are safe and with me and I know where they are at.’ Most important thing was to keep them safe and to stay safe and quiet until the shooter was found.”

Authorities have urged the public to reach out to the Delaware State Police in case they have any information regarding the shooter or know someone who could be a victim in the tragic shooting. Law enforcement officials further confirmed that this wasn’t an active shooter situation.

Police have also requested that people not use the roads and stay out of the area surrounding the mall, as the investigation is currently in progress.

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