"I'm happily single": Pokimane addresses her relationship status and puts boyfriend rumors to rest

Pokimane recently opened up on her relationship status
Pokimane recently opened up on her relationship status

The long-standing rumors surrounding Imane "Pokimane" Anys' mystery boyfriend seem to have finally been put to rest, with the 24-year old recently confirming that she is "happily single."

Over the course of her career, one of the biggest questions surrounding the 24-year old streamer's life has been the persistent boyfriend rumors.

While she has denied these rumors several times, there has remained a certain skeptical section of the online community who continue to cast aspersions on her single status.

In her latest YouTube video, Pokimane provided a definitive answer regarding her relationship status, as she hoped to finally put the raging boyfriend rumors to rest once and for all.

Pokimane gets candid as she speaks about life, love and more in latest YouTube video


Apart from her main YouTube channel which has around 6 and a half million subscribers, Pokimane also has another channel called "Imane", which is centered around lifestyle and vlog-based content.

From revealing her zodiac sign to highlighting her favorite books and songs, Pokimane's latest video provides an intimate and personalized glance into the life of one of the most popular female streamers in the world.

With regards to her much talked about relationship status, Pokimane was all smiles as she quashed the long-standing rumors of having a mystery boyfriend, by admitting that she is happily single:

"I'm single, people always ask me that. I'm happily single, I feel like I'm in a really cool and exciting place in my life. COVID vaccines are being pumped out and I'm so excited to travel and meet new people and just be young, wild and free or whatever the music lyrics say, so yeah!"

She recently took the COVID vaccine and revealed that she hopes to travel in the coming months.

Back in March, she caused a massive stir online after flaunting her single status on Twitter, a move which led to an influx of DMs and "boyfriend requests" from fans.

Certainly no stranger to unwarranted attention online, the Moroccan-born streamer has often been subject to the internet's toxic side from time to time, with a large majority of "simps" often running amok in her chat.

From receiving "boyfriend applications" to being accused of deceiving viewers by being in a secret relationship, Pokimane's streaming career has often been bogged down by the incessant interest in her personal life.

Having finally put these rumors to rest, she is now looking forward to the next exciting chapter of her life, gearing up to, hopefully, embark on a traveling spree.

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