"I'm in love with you": Omer Fedi confesses his love for Addison Rae on Instagram

Images via Instagram
Images via Instagram

Rumors of TikTok star Addison Rae dating guitarist Omer Fedi escalated as her new beau was seen commenting on her latest Instagram picture posted on August 5, which was captioned “Kiss Me.” The Israeli guitarist, who now plays for American rapper Machine Gun Kelly, commented under Rae's post:

“I’m in love with u”

Rae shared a clip on her Instagram stories on July 31 where two people were seen kissing in the shadows. People were uncertain as to whether it was Rae and Fedi but the guitarist went on to re-post the story on his Instagram account which helped fans connect the dots.

Addison Rae’s dating history

The 20-year-old TikTok sensation was in a dramatic on-and-off relationship from 2019 to August 2020 with fellow TikTok star Bryce Hall. The pair finally split in March 2021 following several allegations of Hall cheating on Addison Rae in Las Vegas. Since then, Ra has been linked to rapper Jack Harlow and YouTuber Logan Paul.

Addison Rae was spotted with Omer Fedi on June 19 while the guitarist was playing at a MGK pop-up concert in California. The 21-year-old guitarist posted two Instagram stories of him holding Rae’s heels and the two holding hands, which were deleted immediately.

Addison’s ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall commented on the rumored relationship on TheSync podcast Episode 78 on 9 July 2021. When the hosts cracked jokes about Omer Fedi having “a great personality,” Hall stated:

“Hey, if she’s happy, it’s all good.”

Several fans of Rae and Hall have commented on Twitter about Rae’s new relationship. Some fans have been quick to assume that Rae is dating Fedi to get over Hall, but one fan stood in defense of Rae’s new relationship by tweeting:

“A downgrade?? Is it someone that makes her happy? Don’t we all want someone that makes you happy, feel loved and feel the best in the world? She started nothing and is enjoying life and love. Just like that guy you are talking about is doing. Leave her alone!”

Addison Rae liked the tweet but changed her mind and unliked it immediately.

All the arrows point towards Addison Rae dating Omer Fedi. However, neither has come forward to officially confirm the relationship.

Edited by Siddharth Satish
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