I want a Yeonjun and Jessi twerk battle: Fans after TXT announces appearance on Show!terview with Jessi

A still of TXT members. (Instagram)
A still of TXT members. (Instagram)

TXT members will appear on Jessi's variety show called Show!terview, and fans who have witnessed Soobin's rapport with Jessi, on the KBS reality TV show called Music Bank, are super excited.

If Soobin is so lively all by himself, what would happen when all members, Yeonjun, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai, join K-pop solo stars on her show. One of the fun things about Jessi's variety program is the format of the show itself. It reflects the vivacity of the host.

In addition to interviews, playing games and talking about guests' upcoming works, there are some fun TMI anecdotes shared on the show. In a way, the show is voyeuristic and that is why, the suggestions from fans about the many things that TXT idol members could do on the show reflect the same.

Fans react to news of TXT appearing on Jessi's variety show Show!terview with Jessi

Many fans took to Twitter to express how happy they were and also made suggestions about various activities that the TXT members could do while on Show!terview with Jessi.

In fact, one fan expressed that they wished the variety show would include a twerking battle between Jessi and TXT member Yeonjun. Other fans then chimed in in agreement as well.

Many fans are especially excited to see how Jessie will improvise with TXT on her show. She is known to get carried away with her thoughts, and one of the reasons Show!terview with Jessi is hilarious is because of the revelations that the K-Pop idol makes unintentionally.

This, in combination with the shy nature of some of the TXT members is expected to bring some chaos to the show. Many fans took to Twitter to express how excited they were to see how TXT members reacted to Jessie on the show.


One fan even recalled how Jessi had her script for Kang Daniel's episode upside down during the interview. However, none of this stops fans from seeking out her show for entertainment. All of this, instead, made the show more intriguing and consumable.

When will TXT appear on Jessie's variety program Show!terview with Jessi?

According to the official announcement, TXT will appear on Jessi's show on August 19th, 6.30 pm KST.

Here's what Soobin said about his rapport with solo star Jessi

Recently, Soobin, during a fan interaction session, spoke about his relationship with other K-Pop idols, including Jessi. He said, “Jessi makes people around her really comfortable. I feel really comfortable whenever I interview her. That’s why I get really happy whenever she comes to Music Bank!”

He further added, “If you guys look at it, you might think that I’m uncomfortable. But I think I’m comfortable being next to Jessi.” He also spoke about Jessi blurting things out and said, “She just blurts out what she wants to say, and the things she says are often joking and filled with affection. That feels pleasant and happy to me.”

He also spoke about Show!terview with Jessi and said, "Whenever Jessi comes to Music Bank, it’s nice to see her, and I hope that she’ll be back. When I saw Jessi’s Showterview, she’s so good at giving interviews. So, I do want to film Jessi’s Showterview. Jessi, are you watching?" Turns out, Jessi was listening indeed!

August 3rd also marked another important occasion for fans of TXT. Twitter was taken over by fans who trended Jessi. 'TXT ON BILLBOARD 200’ and ‘#FIGHT_OR_ESCAPE’ on the social networking site (SNS).

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