Is Addison Rae dead? #RIPAddisonRae trends over claims that the TikTok star died in a car crash

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Image via Getty Images

The latest celebrity to fall prey to a malicious death hoax online is TikTok star-turned singer Addison Rae.

Fans of the TikTok sensation were recently in for a major shock upon logging onto Twitter, as they were greeted with the ominous #RIPAddisonRae hashtag. The viral hoax seems to have originated from a tweet by a now-deactivated Twitter account called "Woman Crave."

Within moments of its posting, claims of Addison Rae being dead soon began to spread like wildfire:

In the now-deleted tweet, the account openly mourned the loss of Addison Rae, whom they described as a "legendary pop star and TikToker."

They also claimed that her supposed cause of death was due to a car crash, as they kickstarted the #RIPAddisonRae trend.

In light of this distasteful trend, several members of the online community took to Twitter to call out all those who were popularizing the trend.

Addison Rae deactivates Twitter? Fans debunk viral hoax as they slam the "RIPAddisonRae" hashtag

What makes the trend all the more audacious is the fact that it went viral at a time when Addison Rae was literally hosting an Instagram live session.

Another reason why the trend went viral all over social media is because of similar tweets from a few K-pop stan accounts, which inadvertently ended up involving the whole K-pop community with their tweet:

In the tweet above, the user expressed their desire to bring back Hyunjin of Stray Kids fame, seemingly at the expense of Addison Rae, as the tweet ended with a random #RIPAddisonRae hashtag.

In light of this baseless trend, several Twitter users were left incensed as K-pop fans also joined them in slamming the "disgusting" #RIPAddisonRae trend:

Others who supported the trend used it as a means of bringing her alleged racist behavior to light:

One Twitter user seemed to have aptly summed up the strong duality of perception that prevails when it comes to TikTokers in general:

What makes the situation all the more concerning is the fact that Addison Rae has now apparently deactivated her Twitter account amid the prevailing chaos.

As fandoms continue to duke it out online, the internet's toxic side has once again reared its unsightly head as Addison Rae reels under the effects of an unsavory death hoax.

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