Is Icierra dead? Fans left concerned about TikTok star as death rumors swirl online

TikToker and gamer Icierra
TikToker and gamer Icierra

TikTok star Icierra, also known as Cierra Green, is the latest victim of an online death rumor. With new rumors about celebrity deaths emerging online every other day, hoaxes have become incidents of common occurrence across fandoms.

Rumors about Icierra’s death surfaced online following the suspension of her TikTok account. The 24-year-old TikToker gained popularity due to her gaming and cosplay videos.

She amassed nearly 300,000 TikTok followers and 12 million total likes within a short span of time. However, the popular account was recently banned by TikTok on grounds of community guideline violations.

Icierra previously came under fire for alleged racial, homophobic and online harassment controversies. The social media influencer previously mentioned that she suffered from mid-level autism. Her TikTok bio mentioned that she is a “Jacksepticye fan, gamer, cosplayer, furry and taken.”

Claims of the content creator’s alleged death stemmed from a ban on her official TikTok account. The complete silence from Icierra on other social media platforms further strengthened the rumors.

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Fans left shocked as rumors about Icierra’s death make rounds online

The horrifying rumor surrounding Icierra’s death left fans in shock. Several TikTok users took to their accounts to mourn the social media star’s death.

However, no official confirmation of the cause of Icierra’s death has been made available so far. Fans took to Twitter to share their concerns and disbelief about Icierra’s alleged demise.

Meanwhile, an Instagram user called “Cierra Green,” claimed to be Icierra’s real IG account and debunked the death hoax. The user took to their Instagram story and mentioned they were alive.

Instagram user "Cierra Green" speculated to be Icierra's real account debunks the death hoax
Instagram user "Cierra Green" speculated to be Icierra's real account debunks the death hoax

However, fans were quick to question the credibility of the account. While some declared the account fake, others believed it was authentic.

Fans debate on the credibility of Icierra's Instagram account
Fans debate on the credibility of Icierra's Instagram account

The Instagram account has the same bio as Icierra’s now-banned TikTok account.

As speculations regarding Icierra’s alleged death continues to be rife online, it is to be seen if an official confirmation arrives soon.

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