"Her death is nothing to joke about": Twitter users defend Gabbie Hanna as false news of her passing goes viral

Twitter users defend Gabbie Hanna as death hoax goes viral (Image via YouTube)
Twitter users defend Gabbie Hanna as death hoax goes viral (Image via YouTube)

On May 30th, the Twitter hastag, "#RIPGabbieHanna" referencing YouTuber Gabbie Hanna, went viral, leaving the Twitter and YouTube community in shock. Gabbie Hanna is still alive and angry Twitter users went online to say that the "death" hoax was not funny.

Earlier this year, Gabbie Hanna was part of a controversy where she accused Trisha Paytas of being "fake" and a "liar". After the two went back and forth on multiple platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter, the "beef" was temporarily squashed.

However, Gabbie Hanna has also gotten into more trouble, as she has accused YouTuber Jen Dent of assaulting a young child without evidence for the second time. Not long after that, the 30-year-old managed to get on the wrong side of her own siblings, as they claimed that she stole their artwork for her poetry book.

#RIPGabbieHanna goes viral

Despite having acquired many adversaries over the course of a few months, Twitter users came to Gabbie Hanna's defense when a hashtag that claimed she passed went viral.

The hashtag was featured in many posts, with Gabbie's fans and some foes tweeting that they felt "heartbroken" over her "death". Meanwhile, others believe it was Gabbie herself who started the hashtag to get some attention.

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Twitter users defend Gabbie Hanna

Some Twitter users dismissed the hashtag and its contents, as they were false. In fact, many who did not even support Gabbie drew the line when it came spreading rumors about someone's death.

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However, one user managed to agree with whoever created the hashtag, claiming that they "weren't mad about it", as Gabbie had allegedly done the same to others.

Gabbie Hanna has yet to respond to the hoax or the people that contributed to it as well.

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