"I'm so f*cking tired of the media": Logan Paul responds to turtle driving backlash against him and brother Jake Paul

Logan Paul (Image via YouTube)
Logan Paul (Image via YouTube)

On May 17th, Logan Paul responded to the Puerto Rican authorities investigating both him and his brother, Jake Paul, for allegedly illegally driving over the nesting area for turtles at a beach.

A few days prior, Jake Paul posted a video of himself driving a golf cart through the beaches of Puerto Rico, where his brother Logan Paul now resides. Jake received a lot of backlash, only to repeat the action once again with his brother a few days later.

Puerto Rican authorities threatened to investigate Logan and Jake Paul as it is illegal to drive a vehicle on the beach during turtle nesting season, because it may harm the eggs.

Logan Paul's response to the authorities

In response to the overwhelming amount of hateful comments, Logan shared a video of him talking to a security guard and asking about the legality of driving a golf cart on the allegedly "private" beach.

The security guard's face was blurred out, with no solid proof that he had any association with the authorities of Puerto Rico. The security guard said:

"I know that beach. It's cool."

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To add to the video, Logan left a lengthy comment expressing his anger towards the media for their "assumptions". He wrote:

Logan Paul's comments about the media (Image via Twitter)
Logan Paul's comments about the media (Image via Twitter)

Logan claimed that he was tired of the media trying to paint them negatively. However, many fans and people in the Twitter community saw this as ironic as his brother himself posted the video.

Fans angry about Logan Paul's response

Despite having upset the public with another atrocious incident, people were not shocked, as the influencer is known for pulling horrific stunts such as this in different countries.

The most well known example of this was the Logan Paul Japanese forest incident.

People in the Twitter community were upset to hear Logan's response, calling him "entitled" and "annoying". They took to Twitter to express their sheer disappointment.

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Logan has yet to respond to the backlash in regards to his response to the incident, as he made clear that they were driving on "private" beaches.

Many people are upset with Logan Paul, since it has not been too long since his incident in Japan.

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