Jake Paul allegedly drives golf cart through turtle nesting area in Puerto Rico, sparks fury

Jake Paul in his most recent YouTube video (Image via YouTube)
Jake Paul in his most recent YouTube video (Image via YouTube)

Many fans of YouTuber Jake Paul were outraged when he posted a video allegedly driving a golf cart through a turtle nesting area full of turtle eggs in Puerto Rico. The turtles are federeally protected wildlife.

Jake Paul, a YouTuber turned professional boxer, has most recently been seen driving through Puerto Rico in a golf cart.

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Many people angry with Jake Paul over video

After the video surfaced, many locals accused Jake of misusing their beaches and using them as his personal playground. Citizens of Puerto Rico responded heavily to the video through Twitter.

Twitter Comments (Image via Twitter)
Twitter Comments (Image via Twitter)

Many speculate that Jake Paul had gone to Puerto Rico to visit his brother, Logan Paul, who had moved there a few months ago. However, people were appalled to see Jake being reckless in regards to the turtle eggs at the beach.

Citizens of Puerto Rico went even as far as to tell Jake he was no longer welcome, and that he should "get out" if he was not going to respect their culture and wildlife.

Twitter Comments (Image via Twitter)
Twitter Comments (Image via Twitter)

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Jake Paul's history of recklessness and bad behavior

While many are not that surprised, Jake Paul has had a long history of alleged delinquent behavior. Rising to the top of the YouTube scene through his content house, Team 10, Jake is notoriously known for his loud and crazy antics.

From allegedly cheating on his ex-girlfriend, YouTuber, Alissa Violet, to multiple alleged abuse allegations, Jake has never been deemed a "saint" by the YouTube community.

Even amidst the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Jake went ahead and threw a party in his Calabasas home. It was even televised. In addition, assault allegations towards Jake surfaced in early 2021 when a YouTuber named Justine Paradise claimed that he assaulted her during a party in 2020. His loyal fans hounded her with some even sending her death-threats, causing her to consider deleting all social media.

Jake has yet to apologize to the citizens of Puerto Rico for his disrespectful actions.

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