Jack Harlow and Saweetie memes trend online after flirtatious BET Awards exchange goes viral

Jack Harlow and Saweetie's funny exchange has fans laughing
Jack Harlow and Saweetie's funny exchange has fans laughing

Sparks flew at the BET Awards this year after a brief moment shared between hip-hop artists Jack Harlow and Saweetie went viral, leaving fans of the two in shock.

The pair have made headlines before for their respective relationship statuses. Jack Harlow's closeness with TikTok star Addison Rae started a cluster of rumors, while Saweetie's rocky relationship with her ex, Quavo of Migos, erupted into a huge scandal, drawing the attention of many.

Before the show, a stray camera managed to catch the exact moment that Jack Harlow and Saweetie happened to make eye contact; the sheer awkwardness of their faces apparent to their fans, who took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Jack Harlow's and Saweetie's awkward exchange invites a truckload of memes

The pair had been present at the BET awards, each a nominee in at least one category. Before the awards show began, they happened to walk past each other on the BET awards red carpet. That's where it all began.

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The picture of the two that broke the internet was taken at the exact second they exchanged looks. It went viral almost immediately, and fans did not hesitate to meme the pair into oblivion, not sparing either of them.

Coincidentally, a lucky member of the paparazzi managed to capture a video of the moment when it occurred. Considering how brief their exchange was in actuality, it just goes to show how powerful the internet is.

The onslaught of memes continues to rain down, with neither catching a break from Twitter users. It doesn't seem to help that both of them have made news for their relationships, acting as a catalyst for people to ship the two together. Only time will tell if Jack Harlow and Saweetie will pick up where they left off.

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