James Charles accused of Pedophilia and grooming after lewd videos with an alleged 16-year old TikToker surfaces 

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 27 Feb 2021

James Charles, the popular internet celebrity, found himself in the middle of a storm when the internet came out and accused him of pedophilia and grooming. James Charles is the most recent celebrity to be subjected to such allegations.

The individual who accused James Charles of pedophilia uploaded a video to Twitter. The video contained censored images of James Charles, which the celebrity had allegedly sent the individual. The video was taken off Twitter for violating community guidelines, but it had already managed to cause a storm online.

James Charles accused of being a pedophile and a groomer

After being accused of grooming, James Charles came out with a statement saying that he wasn't aware that the individual in question was a minor. He goes on to state that he asked the individual his age, to which the person replied that they were 18, following which James proceeded to flirt with the person.

However, later on, when James Charles got a little suspicious of the person, he asked them their age, to which the individual replied by saying that they were 16. James Charles then went on to apologise to the person for flirting with them and said that he was uncomfortable talking to them.

The internet, however, wasn't having any of this. One user accused James Charles of being a pedophile by saying that the individuals' TikTok account clearly mentioned that he was 16.

A majority of users came out and supported James Charles in this matter and said that there's a high chance he didn't know that this person was underage.

Users on the internet went on and pointed out that this was the fourth time James Charles was allegedly caught in such a controversy. So, there is a chance that James may be at fault here.

Users on the internet went on to point out that there was no proof that the person in question had their age on their bio all the time.

Just as the majority of the internet supports James Charles in this matter, they also went on to say that the individual was trying to set James Charles up.

Either way, James Charles, in his statement, said that he would ask people to prove their age when they came to interact with him on social media.

Most importantly, as one user on the internet points out, it is actually sad that people stoop to such low levels just for online clout. What makes it worse is that it is becoming important for people to ask for age proof on the internet because incidents like these are increasing day by day. Asking someone to prove their age is the only way someone can safeguard themselves from falling into such unwanted and embarrassing situations.

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Published 27 Feb 2021
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