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James Charles told to stay out of "black people's" business after raising concern about DaBaby calling JoJo Siwa out

James Charles has been dragged into the DaBaby x JoJo Siwa situation (Image via James Charles YouTube)
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 22 Feb 2021

James Charles is at the receiving end of hate after asking why Jonathan Lyndale “DaBaby” Kirk was dissing Joelle Joanie “JoJo Siwa” Siwa.

The popular internet celebrity himself recently drew a lot of attention after refusing to take a stance on the Lopez brothers situation.

He also drew a lot of attention after allegedly going bald. The internet was divided about him going hairless because there was a part of the community that believed he was wearing a bald cap.

James Charles told to stay out of black people's business

On tweeting why Da Baby was dissing JoJo Siwa, one follower promptly asked him to stay out of black people's business. James Charles then pointed out that a grown man was dissing a child, and that was problematic.

While a part of the internet blissfully ignored the problematic part, they didn't fail to ask him not to interfere in black people's matters.


On the other side of things, people were confused about how this was a racial issue.


While the internet continued to debate this being a racial issue, few individuals pointed out that DaBaby didn't diss JoJo Siwa. He was merely rhyming, with people believing he wouldn't diss a minor under any circumstance.


The internet also believes that DaBaby may or may not have dissed JoJo Siwa, but James Charles was right. Netizens feel the rapper could've kept a minor out of his verses.


This debacle will surely go on for a while now, and the online world will remain divided on this matter. Most importantly, people believe that the internet somehow finds a way to make things racial these days, evident from the tweets above.

Many also believe that the hate James Charles is receiving is somewhat unnecessary. Netizens also stated that the beauty YouTuber could say that the sky is blue, and people would hate him for that.


Either way, it would make no sense for DaBaby to have a beef with JoJo Siwa. They are altogether different individuals and haven't done anything to start a feud.

Published 22 Feb 2021, 17:00 IST
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