Joe Rogan gets called out for “body shaming” after reacting to picture of Trisha Paytas on his podcast

Joe Rogan has come under scrutiny for his comments about a naked picture of Trisha Paytas
Joe Rogan has come under scrutiny for his comments about a naked picture of Trisha Paytas

Podcast host and UFC color commentator Joe Rogan has come under fire yet again for his comments during a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

Episode #1633 of his podcast featured stand-up comedian/actor Ali Macofsky, with the two speaking about a range of internet trends and other internet personalities. During the three-hour discussion, they ended up talking about YouTuber Trisha Paytas.

Ali Macofsky initially appeared to complement the 32-year-old for her work on an adult platform. Joe Rogan then looked at a naked picture of Trisha Paytas, and his comments about it have seen him accused of “body-shaming.”

“You can keep that:” Joe Rogan accused of “body shaming” after commenting on Trisha Paytas’ naked picture

During the episode, Ali Macofsky initially brought up the California native and commented on her overall internet presence. She called Paytas an internet “sloth” and talked about her work on an adult platform.

“She is just on the internet. She is an internet person. Oh, I love her.”

Joe Rogan responded by talking about how both Ali and himself were also present on various internet platforms and asked her to explain what she meant, as seen in the video above.

“Her O***F**s is fun, coz she just moved into a beautiful house, like in the hills somewhere. She did a house-tour naked, (and) you’re getting like this beautiful real estate, and you’re like ‘oh, nice cabinet.’”

Joe Rogan admitted that he had never seen Trisha Paytas’ work on said adult platform and asked his crew member, Jamie Vernon, to put up a picture on a screen off-camera.

“That’s her. Wait a second, that’s the same person? What the hell?”

Rogan then asked Jamie to click on a “bikini picture” of Trisha Paytas and ended up saying the following.

“Yeah you can keep that. So, she is one of those extra-worded people who want a lot of attention. So she is probably a good person to follow coz she is constantly putting out content.”

Ali Macofsky agreed with Joe Rogan’s take on Trisha Paytas, although his comments have since been met with scrutiny from various internet users.

Trisha Paytas has herself responded to Joe Rogan’s comments, as shown in the post below. She called Joe Rogan a “conventionally unattractive man” and questioned his intellect.

While numerous people have claimed that Joe Rogan’s comments about Trisha Paytas constitute body-shaming, others have disagreed. As seen in some tweets, quite a few people have said that he was merely stating that he isn’t attracted to her.

As is often the case with the controversies Joe Rogan gets embroiled in, the internet seems divided on whether he was at fault this time around as well.

Rogan has been at the end of constant scrutiny from different segments of the internet. The 53-year-old has come under fire for his hard-hitting comments about sensitive issues and is often accused of giving problematic personalities a platform to spread propaganda.

This was Ali Macofsky’s second appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, as she also featured in episode #1526 back in August 2020.

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