Jung Hae-in’s Netflix k-drama D.P.: Release date, cast, plot, teasers, stills and everything you need to know

A still from D.P. (Image via Instagram/netflixkr)
A still from D.P. (Image via Instagram/netflixkr)

The upcoming Netflix original D.P. is a k-drama that is directed by Han Jun-hee. The director won the Baeksang Award in 2016 for Best New Director for the film Coin Locker Girl. The show's screenplay was adapted by Han Jun-hee as well.

D.P., which is short for Deserter Pursuit, is based on a webcomic by Kim Bo-tang. The two worked together on adapting the comic for Netflix.

The streaming platform announced the project on July 2, 2020 in which they also gave a short brief about the plot of the webcomic. The movie is produced by Lezhin Studios in association with Homemade Films, and will be released only on Netflix.

Release date for D.P.

D.P. is scheduled to release on August 27 and can be streamed worldwide on Netflix. However, information about the number of episodes is yet to be released by the streaming platform.

Cast of D.P.

Jung Hae-in as An Joon-ho

Actor Jung Hae-in will play the role of An Joon-ho in D.P., a soldier who is calm and quiet. He is hired to be a part of the team that tracks down deserters who left the army, but he is not used to the military's way of life himself. The show centers around him and his experiences.

Jung Hae-in was previously seen in A Piece of Your Mind opposite Chae Soo-bin. He will also appear opposite BLACKPINK idol Jisoo in her debut k-drama titled Snowdrop.

Koo Gyo-hwan as Han Ho-yeol

Koo Gyo-hwan, who most recently appeared in Netflix's special episode Kingdom: Ashin of the North, will play the role of Han Ho-yeol in the show. This will be his first full-fledged character in a k-drama series. However, he has appeared in a number of films including Peninsula, Jane and Maggie.

Kim Sung-kyun as Park Beom-goo

Kim Sung-kyun, the award-winning supporting cast member, will play the role of Park Beom-goo in D.P. He is most popular for playing Mr. Kim in the k-drama series Reply 1988. He also worked on The Fiery Priest and Untouchable. The actor has also been a part of various films including Feng Shui, Sinkhole and Hansan.

Other cast members:

Son Seok-koo will appear as Im Ji-seob and Lee Jun-young as Joon Ho.

Plot for D.P.

As part of the show, D.P. will follow members of the team that tracks deserters. The lead character of Ahn Joon-ho gets transferred to the D.P. Team after a senior notices his observational skills. Once he joins the team, he works with the Sergeant who brought him onboard and a corporal who leads the two of them.

How Joon-ho navigates these new responsibilities and overcomes the obstacles he faces will make for a larger part of the plot.

Teasers and stills of D.P.

The teasers and stills of D.P. were released on the official social networking handles of the streaming platform.


The teaser hinted at Joon-ho working with the sergeant to capture a total of 10 deserters. However, why he agreed to transfer to the Deserter Pursuit team has not yet been revealed. The teaser also indicated that the show will be more along the lines of an action comedy that centers on the relationship between Joon-ho and the sergeant.

In addition to this, the show will also touch upon the many reasons why young men who enlist in the army decide to desert their post and team.

Edited by Siddharth Satish