K-POP stars RAIN, MONSTA X, Brave Girls and ATEEZ collaborate with Pepsi for collaborative project "Summer Taste"

A mega collaboration featuring several K-POP artists with Pepsi has fans shook (Image via YouTube)
A mega collaboration featuring several K-POP artists with Pepsi has fans shook (Image via YouTube)

In a much welcomed collaboration, PepsiCo, the brand and manufacturer of the popular drink Pepsi, teamed up with RAIN and members of Monsta X, Brave Girls and ATEEZ to create an original song titled "Summer Taste."

Starring in the collaboration are solo artist RAIN (of R.A.I.N Company) as well as various members of the following K-POP groups: boy band Monsta X from Starship Entertainment, girl group Brave Girls from Brave Entertainment and ATEEZ from KQ Entertainment.

The single was released with a music video starring the aforementioned K-POP artists.

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RAIN, MONSTA X, Brave Girls and ATEEZ describe the "Summer Taste" in new release

The track, featuring all 4 performing artists, was released in collaboration with PepsiCo to promote their product PEPSI, being the "Summer Taste" that the artists are referring to.


Cross-label collaborations are not very common, so needless to say, fans of everyone involved were very excited to see their idols perform together.

The track is from the "TASTE OF KOREA" album, for a project between Starship Entertainment and Pepsi Korea titled "2021 Pepsi Taste of Korea Campaign." Previously, the aerated-drink brand had teamed up with Starship in 2019 as well for their joint "For The Love of It" campaign.

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For this particular track, Yunho and Hongjoong from ATEEZ, Shownu, IM and Hyungwon from Monsta X, Yujeong and Yuna from Brave Girls as well as RAIN took part in the making of the song as well as the music video.

As the music video came out, fans quickly took to Twitter to share their reactions and trend "#SUMMER_TASTE" and "#TASTE_OF_KOREA" on the platform.

Monsta X's Shownu happened to go live before the music video was released, to commemorate the release. The Monsta X member mentioned the other artists from the collaboration in his stream, which made their fans happy as well.

As Starship and Pepsi's collaborative projects grow more and more frequent every year, fans hope to see more K-POP artists from different labels coming together.

Edited by Gautham Balaji