5 lesser-known facts about Kanye West explored ahead of Jeen-Yuhs premiere

Kanye West during one of his performances (Image via Instagram: kanyethegoatwest | Videos via YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel Live & celebgossip 24/7)
Kanye West during one of his performances (Image via Instagram: kanyethegoatwest | Videos via YouTube: Jimmy Kimmel Live & celebgossip 24/7)
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Kanye West, as you all might know, is an American rap sensation who goes by the stage name Ye. As of date, the rapper has won more than 270 music awards and has been nominated more than 760 times. He was previously married to popular American media personality Kim Kardashian.

In February 2022, Kanye will be seen starring in his own biography movie, Jeen-Yuhs. Directed by Coodie & Chike and produced by the man himself, the movie will talk about his life as a musician and producer.

We are going to discuss 5 facts about Kanye West that you are probably not aware of. Check them out before you watch Jeen-Yuhs.

Kanye West: 5 lesser-known facts

1) Kanye West had a brief stay in China

Surprised? Don't be. During his childhood, Kanye moved to Nanjing, China for a brief period. He was accompanied by his mother, who had a teaching job at Nanjing University.

During his stay, the future rap icon was introduced to the Mandarin language. He learned it to some extent but has now lost the command over the language to communicate in it.

2) Kanye once worked as a telemarketer

This one might come as a shock to his fans, but it's true that though the rap icon got an early break into the music career, he had to pursue odd jobs to cater to his financial needs. One of them was to sell insurance via telemarketing.

3) Kanye West bought an aquarium with his first big cheque

People shop for crazy stuff when they get their first big payment in life. Though Kanye didn't go for something crazy, he bought a huge aquarium upon receiving his first big cheque.

The aquarium was from the 18th century. Kayne West had around 30 koi fish in it and also had a golden fountain installed on a marble base.

4) Kayne has struggled with suicidal tendancies


We know that many artists go through struggles in their initial days and Kanye was no exception. However, this phase resulted in Kanye having suicidal tendandices.

The rapper admitted that he had his own struggles in dealing with his mental health as he was suffering from bipolar disorder and paranoia.

5) Kanye's tattoo has a meaning


Kanye's tattoos are not just masterpieces made from ink. The Roman numeric tattoo that he has on his wrist denotes the birth date of his mother and daughter North.

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