Kim Hanbin sentenced to four years probation on drug charges, here's what it means for the K-Pop idol

A still of Kim Hanbin (Image via Instagram/shxxbi131)
A still of Kim Hanbin (Image via Instagram/shxxbi131)

Kim Hanbin, a former member of iKon and a rapper, was investigated on drug-related charges and a sentence was passed by the Seoul Central District Court on September 10.

Hanbin was sentenced to a four year probationary period, a fine of $1,500 (1.5 million KRW) and community service. He was also to be educated on topics related to drugs.

Hanbin would not be imprisoned immediately. During the probation period, however, if the star were to be caught on other drug-related charges, he could be imprisoned. The court will have the right to imprison the K-pop idol for at least three years.

Kim Hanbin to complete 80 hours community service, 40 hours educational training

Hanbin would also have to complete other requirements without failing to remain under probation. The star would have to complete 80 hours of community service. In addition, he would need to complete 40 hours of educational training on drugs. If he fails to do so, it may be considered a violation of his probation and that could result in another investigation.

Speaking of the sentence passed in Hanbin's case, the court stated: "The defendant has admitted to all charges and has demonstrated reflection on his wrongdoing, and is a first-time defendant."

A still of Kim Hanbin and the Waterfall team (Image via Instagram/shxxbi131)
A still of Kim Hanbin and the Waterfall team (Image via Instagram/shxxbi131)

In addition they said, "The defendant's parents have also spoken before the court about their strong will to educate their son properly, and furthermore, the fact that the defendant has managed to maintain good interpersonal relationships with his family, acquaintances, and as a member of society works in his favor."

Also known as B.I., Hanbin was investigated on charges of illegal drug use. He was charged with three accounts of illegal marijuana usage and one count of purchasing illegal LSD. The charges were regarding drug use and purchase between May 2015 and April 2016.

Fans react to Kim Hanbin's sentencing

Fans are extremely happy that their favorite idol is finally free. Many pointed out that the case against the star has finally been closed as of September 10. Hanbin's agency is yet to release a statement regarding his future activities.

Fans also posted that it took 821 days for the case to be processed and closed starting from 12 June 2019. The phrase 'Hanbin is Free' began to trend on Twitter as well.

What did Kim Hanbin say in court about charges against him?

The K-Pop idol had said in court, "I made a completely foolish mistake in the past. I was young and naive, but even so, I was foolish for what I did. I hurt my family."

His representative also argued, "He made a mistake out of curiosity. Furthermore, B.I. is a first-time defendant with no criminal or civil record, and he has carried out community service as well as nonprofit donations continuously since his debut. The album he recently released is also part of a project to donate all proceeds."

The prosecution had requested a three year prison sentence and a fine of 1.5 million KRW.

Edited by Siddharth Satish