"Least likable winner": Why are The Challenge: USA fans upset with Sarah winning season 1? 

Sarah (Image via Instagram/@sarahlacina)
Sarah (Image via Instagram/@sarahlacina)

The Challenge: USA came to a show-stopping end on Wednesday night, September 14, 2022. The season finale was extra shocking for viewers as everyone except Sarah and Danny quit during the final leg of the race.

After surviving the extreme cold and climbing up a mountain, Danny and Sarah walked away with the prize money split between them. While fans who watched the two-hour grand finale were happy with Danny's win and congratulated him, they weren't happy that Sarah won.

Sarah is the least likable winner in Challenge history (and there have been a LOT of unlikeable winners.) Hope she goes early in the Challenge Tournament thing on @paramountplus. #thechallenge #thechallengeusa

Ever since the season premiered, The Challenge: USA contestant has been on the receiving end of hate from fans, making her the most disliked contestant on the show. Following her victory, many viewers claimed that she didn't deserve it, and added that she only won because everyone else had quit.

Read on to learn more about how Sarah won The Challenge: USA.

Sarah conquered the mountain and won The Challenge: USA alongside Danny

When I don't check the weather before leaving the house 🌧 #TheChallengeUSA

Although 10 contestants advanced to the finals, only nine were able to continue after Ben was disqualified following an injury from the previous challenge. The remaining contestants were told that they could keep the money in their banks provided they completed the challenge. The winner would also get to split the remaining money out of the $500,000 bonus.

But ascending the mountain wasn't an easy one. To reach the mountain top, The Challenge: USA contestants had to complete certain tasks as a team at various checkpoints. The rule was that if one teammate quits, the other contestant would also be disqualified. Since Ben couldn't compete in the competition, one of his teammates had to compete at the checkpoints alone.

TJ really said: Y'all STAAAANK 🤢 #TheChallengeUSA

After completing three checkpoints, the teams dissolved and the contestants were back to competing as individuals. Enzo quit after the first checkpoint which led to his teammate Desi being eliminated along with him. At the final checkpoint, Angela was playing solo, and got disqualified because she chose to opt out and sleep as a strategy.

The six remaining contestants began their climb up the mountain. On their way, they faced an endurance challenge and a puzzle challenge. Their final challenge before they reached the mountain top was to complete a sudoku puzzle. This is where Dominick, Justine and Tyson quit because they couldn't handle the cold.

Meanwhile, Danny completed the puzzle and started to climb the final distance. Cayla also quit and didn't complete the sudoku. Sarah was still stuck in the rain with her first puzzle. Although she knew she was going to be last, she decided not to quit and continue with the competition.

Sarah was finally able to complete both puzzles and made it to the top of the mountain. Seeing no one there, she assumed that she was the last and lost the game. Until she noticed TJ and Danny walking up to her.

TJ then revealed that Sarah and Danny were the only two contestants to complete the challenge. Although Sarah came in last, she won because everyone else had quit. In the end, she walked away with $254,500 and Danny won $245,500.

Fans who witnessed her win weren't happy with it and claimed that if no one else had to quit, Sarah wouldn't have stood a chance at winning The Challenge: USA.

Fans unhappy with Sarah's victory in The Challenge: USA

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Sarah was the least likable winner. Some added that The Challenge: USA finalist didn't deserve to win.

Check out some of the reactions:

danny deserved that !!! go danny go kiki !! #TheChallengeUSA sarah sucks she did not deserve that lol
Sarah Lacina - queen of winning Viacom shows due to advantages, DQ’s, and pure luck. 🤮Hope one of the Aussie/Argentinian girls knock her down a peg in the global tournament. #TheChallengeUSA…
Danny winning well deserved. Sarah winning only due to a technicality. @DesiJWilliams @JustineJoy312 #TheChallengeUSA
Girl i have a feeling sarah never did any of the puzzle. Y'all don't find it weird it was never shown her completing it? #TheChallengeUSA
So disappointed in the final #TheChallengeUSA so proud of Danny though!!! Sarah.. meh.. pass..
We all know Sarah was helped on the final sudoku puzzle by the challenge producers. They had no other option since everyone else quit and needed two winners. Worst season ever. 🤮#thechallengeusa #TheChallengeCBS #thechallenge
Sarah is the least likable winner in Challenge history (and there have been a LOT of unlikeable winners.) Hope she goes early in the Challenge Tournament thing on @paramountplus. #thechallenge #thechallengeusa

Danny and Sarah also won a direct ticket to the first-ever The Challenge: World Championship.

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