Logan Paul and WWE's Sami Zayn share a bizarre Twitter exchange 

Sami Zayn has been alleging a WWE conspiracy against him and is now roping in Logan Paul (image via WWE)
Sami Zayn has been alleging a WWE conspiracy against him and is now roping in Logan Paul (image via WWE)

SmackDown star Sami Zayn has name-checked YouTuber Logan Paul recently while discussing his upcoming documentary. For the past few weeks, the former Intercontinental Champion has been raving about an alleged conspiracy by the WWE against him.

Followed by a camera crew of his own, he alleges that the conspiracy against him is real. In a cryptic statement, Zayn said that it would get "Logan Paul numbers." The two have since shared a bizarre Twitter exchange about it as well.

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Logan Paul responds to Sami Zayn's conspiracy claims

The saga began with Zayn's appearance on Talking Smack and chatting with Paul Heyman about the alleged conspiracy.

"Everybody looks at me like I'm the wacko, but now the documentary's coming out, and I can't wait to come back on the show, Kayla. And you're gonna say 'boy, Sami, you had a raw deal, man. You were right all along. They're all against you.' And it's coming soon. That's all I came here to really say... and I also came to say that this documentary is happening, whether WWE management want it to come out or not! It is happening!"

Later, Zayn mentioned Paul and claimed that his documentary is going to make waves. Paul replied to that statement on Twitter with an emoji.

Zayn reiterated that he was not joking. He tried to drum up support from Paul by highlighting their shared relationship to fame. The wrestler noted that people have always bet against him, as they have against Paul. Hence, they share some sort of kinship. He ended by asking Paul to keep an eye out for the documentary.

Paul replied that he would check it out, ending their strange Twitter exchange for now.

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