LOONA fans over the moon with the K-POP group's first win for #PTT with all 12 members present

Fans celebrate the group's first win with all 12 members present (Image via Getty Images)
Fans celebrate the group's first win with all 12 members present (Image via Getty Images)

LOONA fans are excited, to say the least, to celebrate the first music show won by the group featuring all 12 members. "PTT" or "Paint The Town" is the group's title track from their latest album and was released on June 28th 2021.

The group made waves right from their pre-debut activities, honing a very unique concept in an industry where new artists are constantly debuting. The 12-member girl-group revealed their roster with a solo debut for each one. One member debuted every month, and several members were clubbed into sub-units and also given a sub-unit release until LOONA finally debuted as 12 in 2018.

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"Paint The Town" features all 12 members of LOONA, including Haseul, who recently returned from her second hiatus that began in January 2020.

Why are LOONA fans celebrating? Context behind the burst in reactions

In March 2020, LOONA had won their first music show award on South Korea's "M Countdown" program with their song "So What" from the album [#]. However, it was a bittersweet moment for fans as the group's leader, Haseul, was on a hiatus due to her health problems.

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Along with fans, LOONA were incredibly ecstatic to finally score a win with all members present and healthy. They bowed on stage to show their gratitude to their fans for supporting them.

Upon the win being announced, LOONA fans immediately hopped on Twitter to commemorate the event and show their support for the group's members.

While showing their appreciation, fans inadvertently trended "#LOONA2ndWin" and "OT12" to #1 and #3 in the United States and are currently trending in other countries as well.

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This marks LOONA's second win overall, and their first win for their latest release, "Paint The Town." As described by the group's label, BlockBerry Creative, "(it) combines all the essential elements from chart-topping Bollywood songs, with a massive Indian drums and tablas combined with aggressive dubstep and 808 bass sounds, a hypnotic Indian flute playing the signature melody of the song and a massive chorus."

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