Why did Seohyun join ‘Love and Leashes’? K-netizens share their thoughts

A still from Love and Leashes (Image via IMDb)
A still from Love and Leashes (Image via IMDb)

Girls’ Generation singer Seohyun surprised her fans when the teasers for Netflix’s Love and Leashes dropped. Based on a popular webtoon, the movie revolved around se*ual preferences, having comic and romantic elements attached to it.

As the movie is being praised for its different approach to the topic - of showing a healthy, consensual relationship - South Korean netizens took to online forums to discuss what would have made the idol shed her ‘innocent’ personality and take on the Netflix movie.

“Because it’s Netflix?”: Korean netizens speculate the reason of Seohyun’s decision for ‘Love and Leashes’ role

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Netflix’s Korean movie Love and Leashes starring Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and U-KISS’ Jun was hailed by viewers after its release a week ago on February 11. The movie offered fans a whole new look at mainstream Korean entertainment and pushed the boundaries for a K-pop idol’s choice of content too.

On an online forum, South Korean netizens started discussing why they think Seohyun chose Love and Leashes. K-pop idols, irrespective of their gender, and their company work hard to keep their reputation ‘clean’ to continue the fantasy soulmate parasocial relationship.

i think the funniest response to love and leashes is the idol fans being like "these scenes are embarrassing to act out i feel bad for them" it kinda shows that when an idol starts to act yall expect them to just play characters who are always just elegant and pretty

Having one of the most prominent idols let go of the image for a movie role, has become a high point of discussion among fans.

In the post’s comments, people commented that it might be because Netflix would have paid a hefty salary.

“Because it's Netflix?"
"Maybe because Netflix would pay a lot."
"She probably filmed it because it's a Netflix original Lolll But it really was not entertaining, and I can't even force myself to sit through it."

Some talked about the role adding to her diverse portfolio and being in a challenging role as an actress. Being Girls’ Generation’s maknae (youngest), fans were usually presented with the cute, innocent personality of Seohyun. Through Love and Leashes, they’re putting more faith in her as an adult and an actress. While others shared that they couldn’t watch it at all.

"Isn't it because she is trying to get rid of her idol image?"
"I liked seeing a new side of her so I liked it. It made me think that she can pull off these kinds of genres too, because her image as the maknae of Girls' Generation was too strong Lol.”
"Since Seohyun has such a studious image, wouldn't lightly filming something like this add to her experience later on?"

Meanwhile, some even questioned the male actor’s decision to join the movie.

"Junyoung (U-KISS’ Jun) also doesn't have that kind of image, so I have no idea why he decided to film this. My friend likes him a lot, but hates [this film]."
THEQOO | #SEOHYUN #서현, master of transformations⟶"A perfect Jiwoo""So good I was shocked""Grows every time I watch her""She was an all-rounder idol, now she's an actor perfect for any role""Wish her best in the future"#LoveandLeashes #모럴센스

However, many Korean netizens, along with international viewers, were all praises for the actors. They loved their chemistry and applauded the actors for breaking K-pop idol stereotypes.

Love and Leashes is available to stream on Netflix.

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