Matt Damon's "awful" crypto commercial has fans fuming on Twitter

Matt Damon in's 'Fortune Favours the Brave' ad (Image via
Matt Damon in's 'Fortune Favours the Brave' ad (Image via

On Sunday, January 2, The Last Duel star Matt Damon appeared in's latest ad, which aired during an NFL game. In the ad, the 51-year-old actor talked about historical feats of humankind as he walked down a hallway filled with holographic representations of the said events.

The minute-long clip showcased Matt Damon briefly mentioning milestone events in history, like climbing the Mt. Everest, first human flight, space exploration programs, and others. At the beginning of the ad, he says:

"History is filled with almosts, With those who almost adventured, who almost achieved, but then it proved to be too much."

Damon's monologue and the ad struck a weird comparison between buying cryptocurrencies and these historical events. While the ad was trolled online recently, the clip had been released on YouTube over a month ago.

How the internet reacted to Matt Damon's appearance in the odd ad for

Several people scorned Matt Damon for his appearance in the ad for Multiple tweets targeted the actor for the ad, additionally fueled by anger over his 'anti-LGBTQ' controversy in 2021. Meanwhile, a bunch of tweets scoffed at the ad's message, which insinuated that buying crypto is the same as traveling to the moon or climbing Everest.

I can just not stop laughing that Matt Damon's pitch for crypto is "Be like a brave explorer, invest your life savings in crypto." This is the same pitch my buddy in 6th grade used to get me to dive from a railroad trestle into the river
At Spider-Man and before the previews we got Matt Damon in an ad for Crypto and my nephew yelled “whatever, Mark Wahlberg” and honestly I cannot imagine a better roast.
Just want to put a marker on this. We now have primetime nfl broadcast ads featuring movie stars valorizing as the next frontier of human exploration passive investments in a wholly artificial class of assets—where your return depends on attracting more investors to the scheme.
The most crypto thing ever is the new Matt Damon commercial where they compare themselves to Galileo and Sir Edmund Hillary despite just being a bunch of digital con artists.
What really sticks out to me in the Matt Damon “buy crypto now and be a cool explorer” ad is that he never actually went to Mars, that was just a character he played in a movie one time.
brb babe, gotta do some push ups and watch Matt Damon shill crypto before I defend my honor on this here Discord server. it's what the Wright Brothers would have wanted.
Matt Damon doing a crypto ad. Jesus Christ does he not have enough money already
why is everyone just now discovering the awful Matt Damon crypto commercial? I feel like I've been seeing that for months
I don't know nearly enough about crypto to say whether it's a scam but those Matt Damon ads have thoroughly convinced me it's a scam
There isn’t enough yuck in the world to describe Matt Damon advertising a Ponzi scheme.

Twitter users' hostility towards Matt Damon seems to originate from his controversy last year, where he received backlash over his reported use of the 'f-word' for LGBTQ+ people.

In an interview, Damon stated how his daughter took an offense to him reiterating a joke from his 2003 movie, Stuck On You, featuring the 'f-slur.' However, the actor later made a statement to Variety, claiming that he never used the slur.


Recently, has made several headlines for their aggressive campaigning strategies and their investments in the sports sector. In November 2021, the Singaporean cryptocurrency platform acquired the naming rights to the famed Staples Center and renamed it Arena. Furthermore, back in July last year, the firm also became UFC's Official Cryptocurrency Platform Partner.

However,'s recent ad featuring Matt Damon has garnered multitudes of negative attention on the platform.

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