Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles: Tracy makes a record breaking deal in Ladera after selling a house for $10 million

Tracy from Million Dollar Listings: Los Angeles (Image via Instagram/@tracytutor)
Tracy from Million Dollar Listings: Los Angeles (Image via Instagram/@tracytutor)

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles recently premiered with season 14 on Bravo. The pilot episode aired on Thursday night, December 8, 2022, at 9 pm ET/ 8 pm CT, and it turned out to be interesting as Tracy made a record-breaking deal.

During the premiere episode of Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, viewers were introduced to Connie, a homeowner from Ladera, a residential community in California. There are only around 500 homes in the area, and the selling point of the homes in the locality often touches the $2 million mark.

Connie and her husband purchased a house for around $4 million, and the couple spent another $5 million on renovations and customizations. Wanting to sell their house and move, Connie's rate touched the $10 1/2 million mark.

Although Tracy was a bit skeptical about the rate, the Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star agreed it was worth the price when she had a tour of the house. However, the issue was finding a buyer who would be ready to accept the offer.

After an individual agreed to the amount Connie was asking, Tracy had to give it her best shot and convince Connie that it was the perfect deal that would give her a good profit margin.

Tracy makes a record-breaking deal after selling a house worth $10 million on Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles

While giving Tracy a tour of the house, Connie revealed that it was just her and her husband living there since their kids moved out. The house was massive, with a whole lot of customizations done to it.

It had an eight-car parking garage with Venetian-plastered walls that gave it a sheen. The house also had a custom stone wall-built wine cellar. It also housed a massive primary bathroom with five shower heads and a full chef's kitchen with a wolf range stove. The house also came with custom Onyx countertops that were lit up underneath. After taking a tour of the whole house, Tracy shared that she felt comfortable defending the number that Connie asked for.

Throughout the episode, Tracy brings in potential buyers and shows them the house. She does so until she finally gets one upstate buyer looking to move in and spend time with their grandkids. They were willing to pay $10 million for the house plus $400,000 for the furniture that comes along with it.

When the Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star told Connie about the deal, she was taken aback. She shared that it was much lower than she expected, and if they wanted the house with the furniture, the price would be $11 million. However, Tracy helped Connie see the positive side of agreeing to the price because if the furniture remained unsold, Connie would have to pay a lot of taxes for it.

This way, she was evading paying a lot of taxes and would make a profit. Ultimately, Connie agreed. This became a record-breaking deal for Tracy since no one had purchased or sold a house for that high a rate in Ladera.

Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles airs every Thursday at 9 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check their listings for more information.

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