What time will Love Without Borders season 1 episode 1 air on Bravo? Release date, concept and more details explored

Love Without Borders season 1 is set to air on Bravo
Love Without Borders season 1 is set to air on Bravo (Image via Bravo)

Bravo is bringing in a unique dating series titled Love Without Borders, which has a concept similar to Netflix’s Love Is Blind.

Love Without Borders will premiere on Wednesday, November 30, 2022, at 9:00 PM ET on Bravo. According to the show’s format, five Americans are all set to move across the border to another country to find love.

The title of episode 1 is How Far Would You Go For Love? and the official synopsis reads:

“American singles leave everything behind and travel across the globe to pursue the love that's alluded them forever; they move in with complete strangers who could be their potential soul mates; they have to decide if this love is forever.”

Love Without Borders season 1 episode 1 airing schedule


The first episode of Love Without Borders season 1 will be an hour long and air between 9:00 and 10:00 pm ET. Set to air on Wednesday, November 30, the episode will be available on Peacock TV the next day.

Viewers can also watch the show on Bravo’s website once it airs on the channel. Those who don’t have access to the channel can watch the episode by streaming it live via several TV provider services. Some of them include Xfinity, Fubo TV, Sling, dish, Philo, Optimum, DirecTV Stream, Verizon, and YouTube TV.

What to expect from the new episode?

Love Without Borders season 1 episode 1 will showcase five Americans moving to a new country to meet their potential soulmate.

The five cast members are Aaron Motacek, Danna Richards, Gurleen Virk, Naeem Thompson, and Philip Michael Thomas Jr. In the new episode, they will meet relationship expert and the show's host, Arica Angelo. She will find suitable matches for the five singles and send them to a mystery destination.

Across borders, the five will meet their potential partners and live with them to see if they are compatible. From cultural shock to a whole lot of drama, viewers can expect everything from the Bravo show.

Take a look at the partners of the cast members:

1) Maël Lucas matched with Aaron Motacek

2) Brian Dilleen matched with Danna Richards

3) Shreyas Mehta matched with Gurleen Virk

4) Chandra Chugani matched with Naeem Thompson

5) Carmen Holzer-Nkrumah matched with Philip Michael Thomas Jr.

In a preview, Gurleen, a 28-year-old tech manager from San Diego, was seen telling her friend that she met a matchmaker and was ready to leave everything behind to find a soulmate.

In a confessional, she said:

“All of my friends are either married or in long term relationships. And to be the one that doesn’t quite doesn’t have it right, I know, it feels lonely and I’m very much more open to having someone else help a sister out because I have no ideas what I’m doing.”

Gurleen mentioned that she would put her house up on lease before leaving the country. She has been matched with Shreyas Mehta, a fashion model from Dubai.

The clip further showed Philip Michael Thomas Jr., a musician from Atlanta, informing his brother about the show’s concept. He will be seen traveling to Ghana to meet Carmen.

Another sneak peek video featured Danna getting emotional on her plane ride to Ireland, where her potential match Brian would be waiting for her. Aaron, on the other hand, will go to Paris to meet Maël.

Love Without Borders will air new episodes every Wednesday on Bravo at 9:00 PM ET.

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