Misha Collins sends fans into a frenzy after he wishes Justin Bieber Happy Birthday, and tags Jensen Ackles in the post

Misha Collins is currently trending online
Misha Collins is currently trending online

Misha Collins recently left Supernatural fans bewildered with his recent Instagram birthday message for Justin Bieber.

One half of the popular "Destiel" duo on Supernatural, Misha Collins, recently took to Instagram to wish Canadian popstar Justin Bieber on his birthday.

In his post, Misha can be seen wearing a "I love Justin Bieber" T-shirt, alongside a rather interesting caption which sent fans into a frenzy:

His intriguing caption read:

"I was going to ship something between us for your big day, but I think other people are already taking care of that for us. (I still might ship a LITTLE something, though.) Here’s to my favorite March 1 baby...Happy Birthday Justin Bieber!!"

The reason his post has gone viral isn't so much to do with the fact that he wished Justin Bieber.

Rather it has to do with date i.e 1st of March, which also happens to be his Supernatural co-star Jensen Ackles' birthday. Fans were left wondering as to why he chose to wish Justin Bieber instead of Jensen Ackles.

However, on closer inspection, they noticed that he had cleverly tagged the latter in the post, and that too on the heart present on his T-shirt.

As a result of this clever easter egg, Destiel fans had a meltdown online, as they took to Twitter to ponder over what exactly the post meant.

Misha Collins trends online, as fans gush over his latest Instagram post dedicated to Jensen Ackles


Over the many seasons of Supernatural, there have been many popular duos who have often become fodder for numerous fan fictions.

However, there seems to be none like that of Destiel, which is the ship name given to Misha Collins' Castiel and Jensen Ackles Dean Winchester.

The former is often known to encourage and simulatenously troll fan sentiment with his cryptic messages, as witnessed in his latest Instagram post. This has successfully incited chaos among fans online.

In what has now become a yearly affair, Misha Collins is known to wish Jensen Ackles in the most innovative and hilarious ways over the past few years:

His latest post however seems to have taken the cake, with fans eager to decipher the real message behind his birthday message to Justin Bieber.

Here are some of the reactions online, as fans responded to his latest Instagram post with a slew of hilarious memes:

As Misha Collins finds himself on the trending page yet again, the 1st of March seems to have acquired legendary status for fans of Supernatural, who simply can't seem to get enough of the never-ending saga of Destiel.

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