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"Stop asking me to moan, guys!": Corpse Husband on people sexualizing him

Corpse Husband recently had a message for fans who sexualize him
Corpse Husband recently had a message for fans who sexualize him
Modified 08 Jan 2021, 09:41 IST

Corpse Husband recently had a message for all those fans who sexualize him online through their posts and fan-fiction.

The YouTuber boasts considerable hype on the internet. The aura of secrecy that he exudes tends to act as a significant catalyst that often causes people's imaginations to run wild.

During a recent stream, the internet sensation addressed the practice of people sexualizing him, which included a set of bizarre requests that range from people calling him "daddy" to even asking him to moan!

Corpse Husband opens up on people sexualizing him online

[Timestamp: 5:53]

In the clip above, during an interactive session with fans, Corpse Husband addresses all those who sexualize him online by calling him specific terms or making inappropriate demands.


In response to one particular fan, who asked him if he blushes when someone calls him "Daddy," Corpse replied:

"It's a blush out of, I guess I can't really see myself, but I'm not sure. Good question. I mean, people can call me whatever they want to call me, like it takes a lot to offend me. At first, I kinda told people not to do that, and then I kinda embraced it, people are going to be people, it doesn't bother me, so."

However, he did make a hilarious request, pleading with fans not to ask him to moan. The 23-year old requested that fans stop asking him to moan! He even compared this to a female streamer's chat, as such demands from fans would get termed as sexual harassment.

While Corpse Husband is no stranger to undying support and affection from an entire legion of loyal fans, a few tend to venture into the explicit territory in their displays.

Being famous certainly has its baggage, and while the streamer seems to have no problem with people referring or viewing him in certain ways, perhaps it is the bizarre requests that tend to leave him embarrassed at times.


Corpse Husband is one of the most popular YouTubers today, evolving into a global phenomenon courtesy of his faceless identity, deep, rumbling voice, and wholesome persona.

Published 08 Jan 2021, 09:41 IST
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