"I'm not imminently quitting anything": Corpse Husband clarifies his recent statement on quitting YouTube

Corpse Husband recently clarified his stance on "quitting YouTube"
Corpse Husband recently clarified his stance on "quitting YouTube"

Corpse Husband recently took to Twitter to address rumours of him quitting YouTube, as he clarified that he has no plans of doing so imminently.

The 23-year old YouTuber recently grabbed headlines when he revealed during a recent stream that it was becoming increasingly difficult for him to pursue a full-time career in streaming, due to his severe health complications.

As a result of him implying that he might have to step away from YouTube, his fans went into a concerned frenzy as they assumed that his recent statement was tantamount to him quitting the platform for good.

With the internet being rife with speculation, Corpse Husband decided to take matters into his own hands recently, by providing reassurance to fans that for the time being, he is not going anywhere.

Corpse Husband addresses "Quitting YouTube" statement

During one of his recent streams, Corpse Husband opened up about having to deal with the rigors of daily streaming, which of late, had started to take a toll upon his health.

Considering his string of multiple illnesses, his voice was laced with uncertainty, as he doubted his own physical capability when it came to churning out streams on a regular basis.

He also stated that he would prefer to focus on his music henceforth, which further cast a shadow over his streaming career.

However, in what has come as a major source of relief to his fans, Corpse Husband recently clarified on Twitter, that he has no immediate plans of quitting YouTube. Rather, what he meant to convey during his recent stream had more to do with how he viewed the long-term scenario.

In light of his much needed clarification, several fans responded with understanding and supportive messages:

With Corpse Husband himself providing a much-needed sense of clarity regarding the situation, which was seemingly blown out of proportion, fans can certainly breathe a sigh of relief.

Moreover, the kind of support that he continues to receive online is certainly heartening to see, as it bodes extremely well for the time when he actually decides to step away from streaming, with a legion of fans forever in tow.

Edited by Nikhil Vinod
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