Money Mitch death: Rapper's cause of death revealed as he reportedly shot himself after opening fire in a police chase

Money Mitch, who reportedly shot and killed himself during a chase in Florida. (Image via Dekh News)
Money Mitch, who reportedly shot and killed himself during a chase in Florida. (Image via Dekh News)
Anupal Sraban Neog

Well-known rapper Money Mitch reportedly killed himself on June 23. This happened while Mitch fired on police during a chase in Florida. Reports say the hip-hop star’s dead body was found by authorities at a Lake Park apartment on June 23. The cops initiated a traffic stop while Mitch stepped out of his Uber and began firing at them.

Money Mitch did not die from the gunfire. He ran to a building a block away where his blood was found. According to Frank DeMario from PB Sheriff’s Office, they initially thought he was injured in the shootout but later revealed that he shot himself. Frank said,

“Our tactical unit was surveilling a suspect for murder. They also have probable cause on him for drugs. So they proceeded to do a traffic. He was in an Uber.”

An investigation related to Mitch’s death is still going on. Two officers involved in the shootout are currently on administrative leave.


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Who was Money Mitch? All about the rapper

Money Mitch wished to be a footballer before he decided to become a rapper. Mitch's original name was Mitchell Holmes, and he loved playing football though he stopped it in middle school. He had said that he could not manage time for football since music became important for him.

The death of the rapper has left everyone in shock, and people are still in surprise as to why Money Mitch ended up killing himself. There has been no official statement from Mitch’s family and friends.

The name Money Mitch was given by his brothers Alex and John Holmes while he was very youthful. Mitch’s brothers used to call him frequently by that name, and it eventually became a major part of his inspiration. The rapper has also stated once that his brothers have been a great motivation for him to pursue his career in music.


His brothers used to rap around him and this is the reason he decided to become a rapper. Money Mitch began producing and making music when he was 12 years old.

Mitch’s first song titled 813 Anthem was released in 2016 and garnered around 2300 views on YouTube and Spotify. Details about his personal life are still unclear. Money Mitch’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million but his salary and other sources of income are not known till now.

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