Moon Knight Episode 1 review: Oscar Isaac embraces the chaos within in Marvel series 

Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight Episode 1: Steven and his possible personalities (Image via Disney+)
Still from Disney+'s Moon Knight Episode 1: Steven and his possible personalities (Image via Disney+)

Marvel's Moon Knight is here to take viewers to the darker side of the cinematic universe, all while embracing the chaos within.

Created by Jeremy Slater, the series revolves around Marvel's unusual superhero who suffers from dissociative identity disorder and is drawn into a deadly yet confusing mystery involving Egyptian gods. The first episode premiered today and set an exciting base for the series.

It's now time to dive in and dissect the first episode of the Marvel series.

Note: This article contains spoilers and reflects the writer's opinions.

Moon Knight Episode 1 review


Marvel's Moon Knight left the internet in complete shock, the good kind. Every piece of content put out by Marvel has been somewhat predictable as the audience was always familiar with either the characters or their storylines. This restricts the universe from expanding in specific ways, but the show is here to defy that.

A series about the most unusual character, Moon Knight, is finding its place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and seems to be successful so far. He is not a superhero. Instead, he is a man who ties himself while he sleeps and talks to a fish, but when the voices inside him take over, he is nothing but chaos.

An impactful introduction

With the series' debut, the makers acknowledge his personality and superhero condition, exploring the loneliness and darkness within. What also makes the series stand out is how it gave ample space and allowed the dissociative identity disorder to create an impact. From the water, mirrors, and shiny surfaces, Steven's other personality, Marc, can introduce himself.

Apart from being edgy and dark, the series is also powerful. The way the series has focused on how misrepresented cultures like the Egyptian culture have felt in the past. One such instance is when Steven corrected the museum about Egyptian Gods, which felt like the director Mohamed Diab was teaching the world the importance of representation.

Stunning performances

Coming to Oscar Isaac, who was initially thought of as an odd choice, stunned the audience with his performance. He is the right choice as he not only has one but three characters to play and interchange within a blink of an eye. His portrayal of a confused Steven made perfect sense, especially when the perspective the audience is watching from is his.

As for Ethan Hawke, he nailed the God Man look. His performance had an entire cult leader vibe whose only purpose was to bring back the Demon-Goddess Ammit. The actor has the right amount of mystery and fear, making his presence intimidating.

An exciting start

The Moon Knight premiere gives away almost nothing about the direction it will take, which is exciting, especially when it has set itself up to transcend into the rest of the Marvel shows.

The episode, The Goldfish Problem, set the tone for the lesser-known character of MCU and changed the usual narrative of focusing on the supposed superhero to raise concerns about the protagonist.

A portal to the new, darker side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been opened, and Moon Knight is proof of it. Catch Moon Knight, which is now streaming on Disney+.

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