Devil in Suburbia: What did mother Patricia Owens say about Amina and Sarah Said's honor killings?

Patricia Owens
Amina and Sarah Said's mother, Patricia Owens, claimed she knew of her daughter's boyfriends (Image via True Crime Daily/YouTube)

Patricia Owens, the mother of Amina and Sarah Said, reportedly called her husband Yaser Said "the devil" while addressing the court during his 2022 capital murder trial.

Yaser was convicted for the 2008 honor killing of his two teenage daughters, whom he shared with Owens. While addressing him in court, Owens reportedly said:

"You can keep those evil eyes on me as long as you want, but you will never break me down again nor will you ever be able to hurt another person. At this time, you are nothing. You are a prisoner. You are a murderer and the devil."

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, ID's Devil in Suburbia will narrate the brutal killings of the Said sisters by their notorious father Yaser Said, who evaded arrest for about 12 years with the assistance of his son and brother. The episode, titled Under His Eye, will air at 9 pm ET. The synopsis states:

"Amina and Sarah Said long to live the lives of typical American teenagers, but when they push back against the rules of their traditionalist father, tensions simmer inside the family and come to an explosive conclusion."

Yaser was convicted for the murders of his two daughters, Amina and Sarah Said, more than 14 years after the incident took place. Before he was sentenced to life in prison, the girls' family members took turns addressing the court during the capital murder trial.

Amina and Sarah Said's mother, Patricia Owens, spoke about their abusive family history

Patricia - Yaser Said's former wife and mother of Amina and Sarah Said - addressed the court, claiming that she hadn't seen her husband since the day their daughters were shot to death. She revealed that Said took both their daughters out to dinner on January 1, 2008. The same night, the girls were shot multiple times in their father's taxi and were left to die near an Irving hotel.

Owens reportedly stated that she, along with Amina and Sarah Said, had left Yaser and moved away to Oklahoma in order to escape the years of abuse that they had endured. At the time of the incident, they had returned to their Lewisville, Texas, home so that Amina could finish high school.

Owens asserted that she was aware that the girls had boyfriends and knew that Said would get really upset if he discovered the truth.

Patricia said:

"I just thought he would, like, punish them, like take their phone away and stuff like that."

She added that when Said finally learned about the girls' boyfriends, he confronted one of them with a handgun, prompting the daughters and their mother to secretly escape from their Texas house on Christmas Day in 2007.

The girls' boyfriends accompanied them to Tulsa, where they rented an apartment. They only returned to Texas on New Year's Eve, the day before the killings.

At the trial, Owens also spoke about the abuse Amina and Sarah Said were subjected to, and revealed that her own marriage was far from perfect. She also said that she had left Yaser on multiple occasions throughout their marriage.

Amina and Sarah Said's other family members also addressed Yaser Said

Throughout the 2022 capital murder trial, Yaser Said denied his involvement in the 2008 honor killing case of his daughters, Amina and Sarah Said. However, Gail Gattrell, the girls' great aunt, accused the father of carrying out "honor killings" because he thought the daughters were bringing disgrace to their lineage.

Connie Moggio, Said's sister-in-law, also addressed him in court, saying,

"There is no honor in killing two unarmed people. I call that being a coward. The only thing you did to your family was stain it with your family's blood. Now it is your turn to get what you gave, a prison you call home."

Devil in Suburbia airs on Investigation Discovery on Tuesday, August 30, 2022, at 9 pm ET.

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