MrBeast is giving away $10,000 tomorrow, and everyone, including YOU, can win — But there's a catch

MrBeast is currently hosting a $10,000 giveaway on Twitter
MrBeast is currently hosting a $10,000 giveaway on Twitter

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, is an American YouTuber who has revolutionized the niche genre of ‘expensive stunts.’ The streamer started as a 13-year old in 2012, and it took him around five years to gain considerable traction on the platform. And currently, MrBeast has over 45 million followers on YouTube!

Apart from his wacky ‘expensive stunts,’ MrBeast is also known for his regular acts of philanthropy and random giveaways. The internet star has a habit of giving away gifts such as cash and expensive cars to family, friends, and random fans.

In this article, we look at another recent giveaway that is open for basically everybody on the internet.

MrBeast’s giveaway for anyone tomorrow is for $10,000, but there is a catch

MrBeast has one of the largest communities among YouTubers. Recently, the 22-year-old had revealed his intentions to run for US President to the shock of many. He has also generally gained a reputation for being one of the most prominent philanthropic internet personalities around.

And earlier in the day, MrBeast posted the following tweet on his wall:

He challenged users to ‘ratio’ him on the tweet and said that whoever succeeds will be given a $10,000 reward. The competition is open for 24 hours.

For the uninitiated, the term ‘ratio’ means that users need to get more likes on a comment that they post in response to the tweet than the tweet itself.

Unlike most other giveaways that he conducts, this one requires a little work, and the $10,000 at stake can be won by merely posting a comment. Of course, this appears to be no easy feat, with the post garnering more than 200k likes when writing this article.

In comparison, the following comment, with around 30k likes, is currently the most-liked response to the post.

However, MrBeast has, in the past, changed the rules to his random giveaways upon realizing how difficult he had made them initially. The $10,000 on offer might go to the most liked reply, regardless of the fact that the comment may or may not have successfully ‘ratio-ed’ him compared to the overall likes on the tweet.

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