Murderville review: A star-studded crime-solving comedy show that goes with the flow 

Will Arnett as Terry Seattle in Murderville (Image Via consequence @Instagram)
Will Arnett as Terry Seattle in Murderville (Image Via consequence @Instagram)

Murderville, the highly anticipated murder-mystery solving improv series, has just premiered this February 3, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. The series, starring the celebrated BoJack Horseman star Will Arnett as homicide detective Terry Seattle, gives the feeling of a party puzzle that is a blast to solve.

The show has been gleaned from the British sitcom Murder in Successville. Season 1 of the series has six episodes collectively and in each one, a new celebrity guest is appointed as the clueless trainee who partners up with Terry to solve a murder mystery.

But there's a twist. Although Arnett and the rest of the cast know the script, the celebrity guest has no idea where the story is headed. They have to improvise their way to solve the case.

Murderville: Review

Let's jump right in and see how this unique satire on murder mysteries unfolds.

Hilariously entertaining in a silly way

The premise of Murderville ticks all the boxes in the Venn diagram between the apparent and the deranged. Terry Seattle, portrayed by Will Arnett, is a buzzing policeman who’s having a divorce with his police chief and still whirling from the death of his former partner.

The lattermost is undoubtedly the best cameo of the series, limited to only a hanging picture on the wall. He is seen tossing out arbitrary, at times nonsensical, commands at his celebrity guest partners.

For any murder-mystery fan intrigued to solve a case, the mysteries in the series are as erratic as Seattle's commands. The given clues are not well-defined either, creating a state of chaotic confusion and scope for hilarious outbursts from both the audience and the guest star.

It is quite evident that the show intends to improvise the comic elements as well, which would have been possible without the presence of the guest star as another cop.

It's safe to say that the show requires viewers not to wonder too much about how the murder case gets solved. It's thoroughly entertaining in a silly way that can be enjoyed on any laid back day.

A new guest star, a whole new energy

Murderville Season 1 has six very likable guest celebrities including Annie Murphy, Marshawn Lynch, Conan O’Brien, Kumail Nanjiani, Sharon Stone and Ken Jeong. Each of them is given the most crucial duty of identifying the murderer by interrogating all the suspects and deciphering all the given clues throughout the episode.

The best part is they do not get to see the script beforehand so they have to improvise throughout. Each celebrity brings their flavor to the show by being their alluringly entertaining selves. Each of their personalities gives new energy to their respective episodes.

It's a treat for the audience to witness their favorite celebrities in the strangest of situations, investigating a murder-mystery case while trying their best not to burst into giggles.

Successful in creating an entirely new world based on each case

In Murderville, there's a new murder mystery every day and with each one, comes a whole new world that adds positively to the success of the series. The set design never feels out of place, rather giving the episode a well-rounded look that it needs. It helps in setting the mood for the most amusingly fascinating mysteries.

Apart from that, the steady storylines about Seattle’s divorce from Rhonda, who is also the police chief, or the unresolved murder of Terry's former partner in crime, are intertwined throughout the series.

All of this takes place in a general “big city” that is described as a place “where only the strong survive and the ruthless thrive” by Terry in the very beginning of the series. Therefore, it is quite evident that the show has successfully created each required world with utmost thoughtfulness.

Don't forget to watch this crime-based improv comedy series Murderville, streaming on Netflix from February 3, 2022.

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