Netflix February 2022 releases: 10 new movies and TV shows to look forward to

Netflix has a lot in store this month (Image via wallpaperaccess)
Netflix has a lot in store this month (Image via wallpaperaccess)

Netflix, as one of the most popular streaming services today, offers a number of outstanding TV shows that its viewers will be able to watch in February 2022.

Netflix subscribers never run out of fantastic content to enjoy, thanks to some highly recognized movie and TV shows. The platform's users will have some fantastic shows to watch on February 2022.

Netflix has a lot to offer in February 2022, with new seasons of existing popular shows as well as brand-new series. These shows cover a wide range of genres and subjects, ensuring that fans of all tastes will find something to enjoy.

10 Netflix Movies & TV Shows that are a must watch

1) Kid Cosmic


The Netflix series is about a little boy named Kid, who discovers stones that provide him superpowers, which he and his friends utilize to establish a superhero team. The third season will be the show's final season, and it will undoubtedly bring the character arcs that viewers have enjoyed throughout the series to a satisfying finish.

2) Inventing Anna - Miniseries


The true story of Anna Delvey, who committed large-scale fraud while pretending to be a wealthy heiress, is told in Inventing Anna. The Netflix series, directed by Shonda Rhimes, is expected to be a riveting watch that delves into the events behind the figure.

3) Race: Bubba Walace - Docuseries


Bubba Wallace is a well-known driver who is also the NASCAR Cup Series' only Black full-time driver. Wallace has utilized his platform to raise awareness of social justice issues, which will be explored in RACE: Bubba Wallace.

4) Raising Dion Season 2

Raising Dion Season 2 is now on Netflix — and Dion is about to discover that energy never dies.

Nicole is the central character in the story, and she is raising her young son Dion, who has begun to display superhuman talents. It's a fascinating and refreshing perspective on a genre that has left many fans wanting more, combining a riveting family drama with some intriguing science-fiction aspects that lend themselves well to the superhero genre.

5) Twenty Five Twenty One Season 1


Twenty Five Twenty One covers multiple people of various origins as they negotiate their personal and romantic lives at various moments in time. Twenty Five Twenty One, starring Kim Tae-ri and Nam Joo-hyuk, will undoubtedly provide fans with engaging performances and meaningful storylines.

6) The Cuphead Show Season 1


Cuphead, released in 2017, is probably one of the most beautifully hand-drawn video games of all time, and The Cuphead Show, a new television series by Netflix intended to take that design and bring it to a new format in an intriguing way.

7) Murderville Season 1


Murderville, starring Will Arnett as Detective Terry Seattle, is a semi-improvised mystery comedy series in which he and a celebrity guest try to solve a murder case. The characters of the show have no idea where the tale is going and must solve the case using the evidence they've obtained.

8) Disenchantment Part 4

Dive in. Drink Up. Dream on. Disenchantment Part 4 premieres February 9.

Disenchantment is a fantasy series centered on the characters Bean, a disgruntled princess, Elfo, a naive elf, and Luci, a mischievous demon, who dwell in a magical world and go on numerous escapades. Created by Matt Groening, the likable characters complement each other nicely, and with the bizarre situations they frequently find themselves in, Disenchantment is always entertaining to watch.

9) Viking: Valhalla Season 1

Vikings, a highly respected historical drama series that aired from 2013 to 2020, gave its major characters numerous famous scenes for the public to enjoy. Vikings: Valhalla will undoubtedly try to accomplish the same, and fans of the original series may expect big things thanks to the fantastic cast and creative team behind it.

10) Sweet Mangolias Season 2


Three longstanding friends encourage each other as they traverse their lives in Sweet Magnolias. The three main characters' demonstrations of friendship provide plenty of emotional moments, and the leads, JoAnna Garcia Swisher, Heather Headley, and Brooke Elliott, deliver outstanding performances that help the audience connect with the show.

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