When will 'Raising Dion' Season 2 release? Trailer, cast, and all about the Netflix series

Will he be able to control his powers? (Image via Sportskeeda)
Will he be able to control his powers? (Image via Sportskeeda)

Raising Dion returns with a power-packed second season on Netflix this February. The Netflix Original is based on author Dennis Liu's comic book series of the same name. The superhero family show is back with eight new episodes after a two-year hiatus.

In the supernatural series, Nicole Warren, a widowed mother, discovers that her little son Dion possesses abilities. The first season centered on Nicole's attempts to understand Dion's powers with the help of her deceased husband's best friend, Pat, while simultaneously dealing with the sadness of losing her husband and the unique challenges of single parenthood.

Here's everything viewers need to know about the upcoming season of Raising Dion.

When is 'Raising Dion' Season 2 expected to release?

All eight episodes of Raising Dion will be released on Netflix on February 1, 2022.

Check out the trailer for Raising Dion Season 2

Netflix dropped the trailer for the second season on January 18, and it got the audience on the edge of their seats. Dion learns new skills at Biona in this season's trailer, but he quickly discovers that energy never dies; it simply takes on a different form.



Wainwright returns as Nicole, Young returns as Dion, Ritter returns as Pat, Sammi Haney returns as Esperanza, and Jazmyn Simon returns as Kat in Season 2.

Since guest starring in Season 1, Ali Ahn, Gavin Munn, and Griffin Robert Faulkner have all been promoted to series regulars for Season 2. Michael B. Jordan, who played Nicole's late husband Mark, will not return for season 2 but will stay on as executive producer of the show. Rome Flynn, Aubriana Davis, Tracey Bonner, and Josh Ventura will join the returning cast as new additions.

What to expect from Season 2

The second season follows Dion as he continues to develop his abilities with the help of his mother and Tevin, his Biona trainer who attracts Nicole's attention. A sequence of disturbing occurrences unfold as Dion befriends new pupil Brayden, a fellow powered youngster, and Dion finds that danger is still looming.

Dion and Nicole must persevere through twists and turns, as well as the unexpected visits if they are to save not just themselves, but the entire city of Atlanta.

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