NCT Dream's "Hot Sauce": When and where to stream, track list, and all you need to know about the group's comeback

Promotional image for NCT Dream's Hot Sauce (SM Entertainment)
Promotional image for NCT Dream's Hot Sauce (SM Entertainment)
Neetha Kurup

K-Pop boy band, NCT Dream is set to make a comeback with its seven original members, including original member Mark Lee, with a track titled "Hot Sauce."

Lee left the group in December 2018 following the release of the group's single, "We Go Up," under the rotational system where members left the group after turning 20 years old.

However, NCT Dream's agency, SM Entertainment, changed its rotational system last April, when the group released its fourth mini-album, "Reload."

With "Hot Sauce," NCT Dream will be making its first comeback in 2021 with Lee, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung as part of the album. Read on to learn more about "Hot Sauce."

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When and where to stream NCT Dream's Hot Sauce?

NCT Dream's "Hot Sauce" will be available to stream on Apple Music and Spotify from Monday, May 10th.

What songs are in NCT Dream's "Hot Sauce"?

"Hot Sauce" is the group's first full-length album since it debuted in 2016. The album will contain ten tracks, including "Rainbow," an R&P pop song that features a pleasant guitar song. Rainbow's rap lyrics were written by Mark, Jeno, Jaemin and Jisung and contains the message that the group is turning a new page together that is as beautiful as the rainbow.

"Hot Sauce" will have another R&B pop song called "My Youth" that features a lyrical chorus reflecting the members' pure feelings and memories. "My Youth" is also written for the fans by the members to thank them for their support.

A third track called "Be There For You" has the emotional vocals of the members and is accompanied by piano and acoustic guitar. The song represents the members' desire to always be together.

The album will include ten songs.

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Hot Sauce comeback activities

So far, NCT Dream has not confirmed any music show appearances for their comeback with "Hot Sauce." However, the days leading up to the release of the album will see the group release many promotional material, including photos.

The group will share DREAMVERSE video clips to introduce the tracks of the new album. The music video teaser for Hot Sauce will be released on Sunday, May 9.

Hot Sauce will be available to buy in three photobook versions called Crazy Jalapeño, Boring Jalapeño, and Chilling Jalapeño. These photobook versions can be ordered from SM Entertainment's global shop.

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What are fans saying about Hot Sauce?

Fans of NCT Dream are excited for Hot Sauce, especially since this comeback will feature all seven members.

NCT Dream's Reload had over 500,000 pre-orders, topping the iTunes album chart in 49 countries, with multiple songs from the mini-album peaking within the top 10 on Melon digital chart. NCT Dream also topped Billboard's Emerging Artists chart within weeks of Reload's release.

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