“NCT Hollywood”: Fans call Robert Pattinson the new NCT member

Robert Pattinson and K-pop group NCT concept photo for 'Sticker' (Images via @TheBatman and @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)
Robert Pattinson and K-pop group NCT concept photo for 'Sticker' (Images via @TheBatman and @NCTsmtown_127/Twitter)

Robert Pattinson’s latest photo for The Batman has attracted NCT’s vast fandom, who can’t seem to ignore the similarities in his photo with the K-pop group's concept photos. Fans from other groups too filled the quote-retweets by saying that the image looks very much like a fourth-generation K-pop boy group solo teaser.

As K-pop stans went crazy over the photo's resemblance, a majority of fans joked that the Universe group has finally found a new member - and they’re hoping that he is in the Hollywood sub-unit. SM Entertainment announced plans to create a Hollywood sub-unit in America a year ago, which brought extreme criticism from fans.

Watching Pattinson’s photo, fans now joke that a Hollywood sub-unit would seem better with him in it.

NCT stans take over quote-retweets of The Batman’s photo of Robert Pattinson

On February 26, The Batman posted a picture of Robert Pattinson in front of Batmobile, donning an all-black outfit. K-pop fans couldn’t avoid noticing how similar the picture looked to any fourth-generation boy group concept teasers with red lights in the background.

Fans majorly pointed out the resemblance between NCT’s albums and songs, particularly Resonance and Lemonade. Some even said the photo looked like Mark’s teaser from SuperM’s Jopping album.

The actor’s pose of sitting in front of the car, intense expression, and the background lights remind K-pop stans of the hundreds of macho and cool concept teasers they have seen of their favorite boy groups.

A quick look at the 2.8k quote-retweets on Pattinson’s photo will show the majority of them mentioning either NCT or its members. Fans even edited concept photos from Lemonade track video to include the actor, showcasing how similar the picture looked.

References from Lemonade, Sticker, Earthquake, Favorite (Vampire), and more were posted, showing how his picture fit right into the concept of multiple 23-member group’s songs.

One of the major references and jokes was the fandom calling him the group’s Hollywood member. While not many details about the American group have been announced, fans know it is inevitable.

SM Entertainment’s aim to become a pioneer in offbeat, unique concepts in K-pop, such as with aespa’s AI concept, is proof of this.

Aside from the SM Entertainment group, references were also made between EXO’s OBSESSION, SEVENTEEN’s Attacca and ENHYPEN’s Blessed-Cursed.

For non-K-pop fans, Pattinson’s picture brings back the 2000s emo vibe. Regardless of being a K-pop stan or not, the actor’s photo for The Batman is going viral. They believe the marketing strategy for the movie of only posting his “hot” photos is working well.

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment confirmed that NCT DREAM will be making a comeback in March. Details on the same haven’t yet been announced. Pattinson’s The Batman will premiere in theaters on March 4.

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